Fahrenheit 451 Book Review Flashcard Example #22558

What are the earplug radios in the novel called?
Seashell radios
To what animal did Montag compare the pumping machine used on Mildred to in Part 1?
A snake
How did Millie claim that Clarisse was killed?
She was run over by a car.
Who was the greatest influence on Clarisse?
Her uncle
According to Beatty, who was the first fireman?
Benjamin Franklin
What do books symbolize in the novel?
Enlightenment, Power, and Freedom
What mythical creature can endure fire without burning?
What does antisocial mean in Fahrenheit 451?
It means acting in pursuit of individuality and holding discussions with people.
What was the major question that Clarisse asked Montag?
“Are you happy?”
What were the three things that Faber said were missing from life?
Quality information, leisure, and the right to act
What did Ray Bradbury use science fiction in his novel for?
It was to caution today’s people about where their faults could lead.
What is Clarisse’s main purpose in the plot?
It is to cause Montag to question the values of society.
What is Beatty’s main purpose in the novel?
It is to represent an enemy of free thought.
What is Faber’s main purpose in the novel?
It is to reassure Montag that his ideas on the need for change are correct.
What is the promise at the end of the novel?
It is that man will rise again, look at himself, bury war, and heal nations.
What do books represent in the novel?
The represent knowledge and power, but also danger.
What does fire represent in the novel?
It represents ignorance, destruction, and cleansing from a previous life.
What does the mechanical hound represent in the novel?
It represents the threat of technology.
What do the parlor walls represent in the novel?
They represent mind numbing technological entertainment, and replacement for family.
What do mirrors represent in the novel?
They represent vanity.
What does the Phoenix represent in the novel?
It represents a society that hasn’t learned form the past and destroys itself, and hope in destruction.
What is the fireman’s symbol?
A salamander
How does Montag keep in contact with Faber?
A green bullet
How is literature being preserved?
The scholar’s keep it in their minds.
What happens when Montag tells his wife about her near suicide?
She doesn’t believe him.
Why does Montag’s wife have to learn how to lip read?
It is because she normally does not take out the seashell to listen to him.
What is Montag’s contribution to Granger’s group?
A part of Ecclesiastes
What do people live in pursuit for in this novel?
They live for the thrills.
What does Faber consider himself?
A coward
Why does Montag not want to return to work?
It is because they had burned that old lady inside her own house.

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