Fahrenheit 451 chapter 1 Flashcard Example #46982

What does a fireman do?
burn books and the houses hiding them
What number is written on the firemen’s helmets?
What is the significance of the number that is written on the firemen’s helmets?
Its the temp at which books burn
What are two professional symbols the main character wears?
Salamander and Phoenix
What is the main character’s name?
Guy Montag
What does the main character always smell like?
What character does the main character meet on his way home from work?
Clarisse McLellan
What did the main character hit with his foot on the floor of his bedroom?
empty medicine bottle
What is the main character’s wife’s name?
Describe the two machines the two workers use. What do they do?
stomach pump and a machine that replaces your blood
From which house does the main character hear laughter?
Clarisse’s house
Is the main character happy?
What are the things in the main character’s wife’s ears?
Does the wife remember what happened the night before?
Describe the parlor walls and the family.
Huge flat screen tv on 3 walls. The family is just tv characters
Is the wife satisfied with what she has?
How much does each wall cost?
How much of the main character’s yearly salary does he say a wall cost?
What does the neighbor girl rub under her chin? Why?
dandelion, to see if she is in love
To what kind of doctor is the neighbor girl going to visit?
According to the neighbor, how does the main character respond to her?
he listens to her
How many legs does the mechanical hound have?
How does the mechanical hound track its prey?
its programmed
What do the firemen bet on?
which animal the hound will kill
What does the hound do to make the main character feel threatened?
growls and pushes its needle out
Why does the main character have no children?
His wife, Mildred, doesn’t want any
What do the school children do on a typical day?
play sports, watch tv, and go to school
What or who scares the neighbor girl?
children her own age
According to Captain Beatty, what makes a man insane?
thinking you can outsmart the authorities
According to the rule book, when, by whom, and for what reason were fire departments established?
Ben Franklin, 1790, to get rid of English influenced books
Why is the main character irritated at the fire scene?
the woman is there
What “terrible” thing does the main character’s hand seem to do all on its own?
grabs a book
Who sets the woman’s house on fire?
Where did the main character and his wife originally meet?
they don’t remember
What has happened to the neighbor girl?
she got hit by a car
According to the main character, why is he sick?
from remembering the fire
Why did the main character become a fireman?
his father and grandfather were one
Who visits the main character at his house?
Captain Beatty
Why does the main character become afraid while his wife straightens his bed?
she might find the book under his pillow
Beatty decides to tell the main character about the true history of society. What does he say about the Constitution?
everyone is not born equal, they have to be made equal
According to Beatty, what do people want above all else?
to be happy
What secret does the main character confess to his wife?
he has been hiding books in the house
In what illegal activity do the main character and his wife take part?
reading the books

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