Fahrenheit 451 Character List Flashcard Example #66532

Guy Montag
protagonist, starts out firemen but then becomes an avid supporter of books and freedom of press, steals books from his firehouse and reads them. Kills Captain Beatty.
Mildred Montag
Guy Montag’s wife, not in favor of reading books, turns in alarm and leaves montag after getting fed up finding books Montag hides. Enjoys watching “Her Family” on the Parlor walls
Captain Beatty
Captain of firehouse, Montag kills with a flamethrower, suspects Montag is reading books through the heart of the story
Professor Faber
An old professor who helps Montag escape from authorities when he is caught with books, helps Montag in attempt to legalize reading.
Clarisse McClellan
High School student who is considered an outcast, next-door neighbor of montag, befriends Montag, Montag suspects she has been reading books, she and her family are killed
leader of a movement organized by former professors and supporters of literature, he accepts Montag into the group.
Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles
two friends of Mildred’s
Stoneman and Black
firemen colleagues of Montag

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