Fahrenheit 451 Flashcard Example #25898

what do the firemen do for a living?
firemen burn things and set things on fire for a living. they usually use kerosene to start a burning fire. they mainly burn books because it is against the law to read
why are the books compared to books in the opening scene?
the pages floating down look like bird wings. the fictional bird, phoenix, lights on fire and then turns to ashes when it dies. when books are burned, they also turn into ashes. the phoenix is able to give birth to a new baby phoenix out of the ashes.
what does Montag think of his job?
it seems that he adores his job, due to the way he polishes his fireman helmet, and hangs up his coat neatly, this shows care and pride of his work
who does Montag meet on the way home?
Montag meets a graceful yet slightly quirky woman named Clarisse McClellan on the way home who says that she is seventeeen and insane.
Montag says” You never wash it off completely” referring to the kerosene. what could this mean symbolically?
once you do something you can no turn back in time and take it back. You cannot run away from something and escape your problems completely.
Why would Bradbury introduce Clarisse before Montag’s wife, Mildred?
Clarisse plays a larger role then Montag’s wife, Mildred. the characters introduced in the start of a novel usually play a significant role as the protagonist or antagonist
why does Mildred need help when Montag gets home?
Mildred had taken a bottle of sleeping pills which you know because the bottle that was once full is now empty
what help does Mildred receive after she has taken the pills?
2 doctors help Mildred by using a machine to suck out her blood and replace it with fresh new blood and serum
Is there anything usual about the way the 2 men go about helping Mildred?
the men don’t seem to really care if Mildred lives or not. the way that they are talking about the medical effects seem heartless. they are busy smoking and asking for money while Montag is worried about his wife.
how is life in Montag’s house very different from that of Clarisse’s house?
in Clarisse’s home there is more laughter, talking and happiness. In Montag’s home he describes it as a masoleum, where it is cold and dark
how does Mildred react after she wakes up from her previous night’s experience?
she doesn’t seem to take things so seriously. when she wakes up, she realizes that she is very hungry and assumes that she has a hangover because of a wild party. she has no clue about what happened the previous night and was in denial after Montag told her the truth
what does Mildred do all day?
she doesn’t really do much except watch TV, and laze around basically doing nothing
describe the setup of Montag’s TV room
3 of the 4 walls are fully made out of TVs. there’s only 1 wall that’s a normal wall and Mildred wants to make that into a TV wall also
what is Clarisse doing when Montag sees her next?
she’s standing in the rain, and trying to catch all the raindrops in her mouth
How is Clarisse different than Mildred?
Clarisse thinks about things while Mildred lets others do the thinking for her
what is the mechanical hound and what is its purpose?
a mechanical hound is known as a modern killer, you can program it to kill anything it wants. the fire chief described it as a perfect weapon that finds its own target and guarantees the bulls eye every time
what is the hounds reaction to Montag?
when Montag goes over to the hound it growls at him, which makes Montag assume that there is someone who programmed it to dislike him
why does society consider Clarisse anti-social?
they say she is anti-social because she is not like the other teenagers. she doesn’t want to hang out with them, because they are filled with murdering thoughts and dangerous liaisons
at the next fire, what does Montag take?
Montag takes a book
Beatty reveals something very important about himself and his knowledge, what is it?
when Beatty talks it is revealed that he is very wise and knows alot about the fireman industry. He knows the ups and downs and the common events that take place in a man’s life during the course of his fireman job.
what technology does Mildred use to go to sleep?
she uses sleeping pills to go to sleep
who is Mildred’s family?
Mildred’s family are the people inside the TV screen
what has happened to Clarisse and how has it happened?
Clarisse has supposedly gotten killed by walking as a pedestrian and getting hit by a car
what is unusual about the way that Mildred told Montag about Clarisse?
Mildred seemed to tell Montag about Clarisse’s death without any feeling, guilt or remorse. she just said it like it was a common thing
what 3 things does Beatty talk about in his speech to Montag that are true about our world?
most people in the world want instant gratification,if there are issues or books that upset a group of people then the government will try to fix the issue, people that are unordinary are the people who are suspicious or declared to be weird in society
when was the last liberal arts college shut down?
over 40 years prior to the start of the book
what did Professor Faber think of Montag’s call?
he thought it was some kind of trap, and he was afraid of Montag

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