Fahrenheit 451 Part 1 Flashcard Example #51605

What is guy Montag’s profession?
This is the temperature at which paper burns
What is the significance of the numbers 451?
They like talking to each other and going for walks
What does Clarisse say is peculiar about her family?
Are you happy?
What question does Clarisse ask Montag at the end of their first conversation?
To extinguish fires
What does Clarisse explain was the original duty of fireman?
He’s just realized that he’s not really happy
What has made Montag agitated at the beginning of the section?
What are the radio plugs that Mildred listens to every night called?
She denies it and start discussing television
How does Mildred react when Montag confronts her about the suicide attempt?
If dandelion pollen comes off when you rub it under your chin
According to Clarisse, how can you tell if you are in love?
Walking around in the rain
What is Clarisse doing when Montag vines or outside?
It only knows and thinks what others program into it
Why does Montag pity the mechanical hound?
She thinks it is boring and not stimulating
Why does Clarisse stop going to school?
To burn English influenced books in the colonies
According to the rulebook what was the original purpose of the fireman of America?
A book
What does Montag take from the old lady’s burning house?
She sets her self and her house on fire
What happens to the old woman?
Under his pillow
Where does Montag hide the book he has taken from the old woman’s house?
She can’t remember
Where does Mildred say she in Montag first met?
She was run over and killed by a car
According to Mildred what happened to Clarisse
the programs she watches on television
To whom or what is Mildred referring when she mentions her “family”?
What smell makes Montag vomit?
He has come to check on the sick Montag
What reason does Beatty give for his visit to Montag’s home?
Television, photography, and film made reading less popular
The demand for simple, easy to read material made books obsolete
People in various special interest groups found books increasingly offensive
According to Beatty, what factors contributed to farm in adopting the role of book-burners?
She tries to draw attention to it
What does Mildred do when she discovers the book behind Montag’s pillow?
A stack of stolen books
What is hidden behind the ventilator?
Gullivers travels
What is the first book that Montag starts to read as he searches for the source of his unhappiness?
Who is the main character?
Montag’s wife
Captain Beatty
The captain of Montag’s fire department
Clarisse McClellan
A beautiful 17-year-old who introduces Montag to the worlds potential for beauty and meaning with her gentle innocence and curiosity
The fireman’s hose is described as a “great python spitting it’s Venomus kerosene upon the world.” This alarming description is designed to get our attention. It’s visual and that it helps us see the girth and power of the kerosene filled firehose and we also find it intimidating and dangerous, like a poisonous snake.
Montag’s hands are the “hands of some amazing conductor playing all the symphonies.” This shows us that Montag enjoys his job and views his work almost as an art form. The reader sees the fluidity of his movements here.
On the first page of the book, author Ray Bradbury uses several metaphors to describe guy Montag as he completes his job. What are two of the metaphors and explain the effect Bradberry is trying to create with each metaphor choice
He’s strong and confident. The way he smiles, whistles and confidently falls down the Firemans pole only to catch himself at the last possible moment all lead to this conclusion. He is cautious and observant, given that he notices the change in the air where someone may have been standing a few moments before
Look back over the opening sequence before guy Montag meet Clarisse McClellan. What to additives would you use to describe this man? What textual evidence lead you to this conclusion?
Clarisse is being associated with the color white. Her face was “milk-white”, her dress was white, and there is a “white star of her face” as she looks at montage. Symbolically, why is used to represent innocence and purity (think of virginal brides and unblemished snow), so Bradbury must want us to view Clarisse with this positive association
In the moment that Montag first sees Clarice, what is the main color that Bradbury wants us to associate with this girl? What, symbolically, is significant about this color choice?
Montag is 30 years old and tells Clarice that he’s been a fireman for 10 years
How old is Montag? How long has he been a fireman?

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