Fahrenheit 451 part 2 questions Flashcard Example #91204

1.) Who does Montag think of when he reads this quotation from one of his books?: “We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindness there is at last one which makes the heart run over.”
He thinks of Clarisse.
2.) Montag and Mildred think someone is at the door. Why doesn’t the door-voice tell them if someone is there? Why is this significant?
That ‘someone’ at the door is not a person, it was the mechanical hound, and that’s why Montag had to shut off the door-voice.
3.) What does Mildred think is at the door? What is at the door?
She thinks it’s a person but it was actually the mechanical hound.
4.) What is Montag talking about when he says he saw “a snake”?
It’s someone who is alive but doesn’t actually do anything.
5.) How many wars have “we started and won since 1990”? What kind of wars were they? What does this tell you about the society of F451?
There was only one war but the society started with nothing at all.
6.) What is a rumor Montag has heard? (He asks Mildred questions about this rumor.) Why is this “rumor” only a “rumor” and not common knowledge?
The world is starving but it’s not.
7.) What does Montag remember when he is wondering where to get a teacher to help him understand books?
He remembered the people around him couldn’t help him and their society were against him.
8.) Who is the English Professor? (Provide more than his name.)
His name is Professor Faber, he is an old white man with very fragile skin.
9.) Why did the last liberal arts college shut down?
Because it had books.
10.) When Faber was about to leave Montag, he said some things. What did Montag think he was reciting?
Montag thought Faber was reciting a poem.
11.) What does Faber mean by “I don’t talk things, sir. I talk the meaning of things. I sit here and know I’m alive”?
Montag thinks people are superficial, but Faber thinks everything deeply.
12.) What does Faber give Montag at the end of their meeting?
Faber gave Montag his name and address on a sheet of paper.
13.) What are some of the books that Montag asks Faber about when he calls him on the phone?
He asked Faber about the Bible, Shakespeare, and Plato.
14.) Why is Faber afraid to answer Montag’s questions about books?
Faber thinks Montag is tricking him by the copy of those books.
15.) Montag does not know which book he should turn in to Beatty, what are some of his concerns in deciding which book to turn in?
Beatty knows Montag remembers what he read but he doesn’t know which one to turn in or else Montag won’t be able to read it again.
16.) Why is Mildred excited?
She is very excited because her friend Ann is coming over to watch TV with her.
17.) What is the name of the show that Mildred plans to watch?
The White Clown.
18.) What question does Montag ask Mildred?
He asked Mildred if the white clown loves her but she says he’s stupid.
19.) While Montag is on the train what does he remember about when he was a child?
He tries to remember that he’d finished reading a book called A Sieve with Sand when he was at the beach, but wanted his cousin to give him money first.
20.) Explain the connection between the sieve and the sand and Montag’s mind and his attempt to memorize the Bible. (The title of Part 2 is “The Sieve and the Sand,” so this is important.)
He related the sieve and sand to his childhood.
21.) Why is Montag trying to memorize the Bible?
He’s afraid that someone may try to take it away from him and he won’t refer to it again.
22.) What is causing Montag to have a difficult time reading the Bible? What distractions exist?
It was very loud in the Subway because an advertisement of a toothpaste was playing, making it hard for him to read.
23.) How does Montag begin to behave? What is the reaction from the other riders?
He gets really angry and stand up yelling with the Bible in his hand, and the passengers were horrified.
24.) Who does Montag visit?
Professor Faber.
25.) How is Professor Faber described?
He is an old, fragile white man.
26.) According to Faber, how has religion changed over the years?
Back then, no one had books to read a there weren’t any Bibles either.
27.) According to Faber, why is Faber a coward?
When the collages were closed and the books were gone, people became more simpler and Faber thinks he can see anything moving around but he didn’t do anything at all.
28.) What does Montag believe is missing from society?
An open mind, a sense of religion, and education.
29.) How does Faber reply to Montag? In other words, what does he say people could find the same information that was once in books?
He said the society is regularly the same but the reason why there aren’t any more books is because of technology.
30.) Fill in the blanks: Faber says, “____________________ were only one type of receptacle where we stored a lot of information we might forget. There is nothing _____________________ in them at all”
books, magical
31.) What are the three qualities that Faber says that are missing from society and are needed to improve people lives?
Information, leisure to digest, and the right to carry out actions.
32.) What is the problem with television, according to Faber?
They make people more lazier than ever.
33.) What risky idea did Montag have?
He thinks everyone should have a printing press so he can make copies of the books.
34.) What is Faber’s reaction to Montag’s idea? What does he suggest they do instead?
He was not interested. He suggested that Montag should forget about it.
35.) What does Faber’s expression, “The salamander devours its own tail'” mean?
What he means is that sometimes you are your own enemy.
36.) According to Faber, why are firemen rarely necessary?
Because there aren’t anymore books left and no one if making any more of them.
37.) If people were given the opportunity to read books, why would the majority not read them, according to Faber?
They want to immediate gratification.
38.) What does Montag do to the Bible to try to get Faber to agree to help?
Montag began tearing out the pages of the Bible which got Faber horrified and decides to help Montag out after all.
39.) When Faber was younger and teaching college, he remembers people no longer wanting to read newspapers. Why did the government then choose to use firemen as book burners?
Because it was pointless and it takes forever.
40.) What idea does Faber suggest to Montag about printing extra copies?
He thought it would be very successful to print extra copies of the books because if the firemen sees their firehouse was full of books, they’ll have to burn them down.
41.) What does Faber give Montag to help him out with his meeting with Beatty? Who invented this device?
Faber gave Montag a seashell radio with a microphone, or speaker, so he (Faber) can talk with him (Montag) and Montag will listen to everything Faber is saying to him.
42.) What does Montag decide to do with the copy of the Bible?
He turned it over to Beatty.
43.) Describe the bank that Montag had visited. What technology that we use today does the bank resemble?
The bank always opened 24 hours a day and there were robotic staff working there.
44.) How many men have been “mobilized” for war, according to the media? How many men really have been deployed, according to Faber? Why the discrepancy between the numbers?
10,000,000 men were mobilized and the people were expecting victory.
45.) Describe the shows that Mildred and her friends are watching?
The shows had no continuity so they jump from one to another at a very high rate of speed; and instead of the story and plot, the emphasis has color, noise, action, and violence.
46.) What does Montag do to the parlor walls?
He pulled out the plug.
47.) What questions does he ask the women?
He asked about their husbands and children.
48.) What happened to Gloria’s husband?
He killed himself by jumping off a building.
49.) By what unnecessary medical method did Mrs. Bowles have two children? What does her decision indicate about her personality?
He had them by the Caesarian section. She has lack over her children and family so she decides to go through the easiest way to get over them.
50.) What were Mrs. Bowles’s reasons for having children?
She wanted to have children so they can help her out with the population but she didn’t really want children eventually.
51.) Describe Mrs. Bowles’s way of parenting.
Most of the time, she puts her children to boarding school and during the weekends, she leaves them alone sitting in front of the TV. She has no love over them.
52.) How did the women vote? What did they use for criteria when voting for president?
They voted based on the looks of who was president last year.
53.) What does Montag do after he can no longer tolerate the women’s superficial behavior?
He goes and gets a book to read to them.
54.) What does Mildred say to the ladies to try and cover for her husband’s behavior?
That firemen have books to show them how bad they really are.
55.) What is the name of the poem Montag reads? How does the poem reflect their current society?
The poem was called Dover Beach, which expresses poets with deep feelings as they look at the sea and landscape.
56.) What is Mrs. Phelps’s reaction to the poem? How do the other women react?
She starts to cry.
57.) What does Montag do with the book after he has read the poem?
He burns it.
58.) What had Mildred been doing with Montag’s books? Where does Montag put them?
Montag hid the books and Mildred got rid of them.
59.) What does Beatty say to the firemen playing cards when he sees Montag in the firehouse?
He called Montag a fool but also said he’s sensible for returning home and he and the firemen welcomed him back by putting him back to work.
60.) What does Beatty do with the book Montag returns to him?
He threw it away in the trash without even looking over it first.
61.) Why is Beatty quoting lines from books to Montag?
He wanted to show Montag how books can be very contradictory and that they cannot be relied on to give him (Montag) the answers he’s been looking for.
62.) What was Beatty’s dream?
He had a nightmare about Montag having literal arguments with him.
63.) What does Beatty mean when he says to Montag, “What traitors books can be! You think they’re backing you up and they turn on you.”?
How books can be sometimes wrong.
64.) What house do the firemen visit at the end of Part 2?
They visited Montag’s house.

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