FOIL CHARACTERS IN JANE EYRE Flashcard Example #98451

Bertha and Jane Eyre (Married to Mr R)
Bertha: crazy, older, violent, communicates through actions.

Jane: plain, mild-mannered, eighteen y/o, speaks her mind

St John and Mr Rochester (engaged to Jane)
St John: wants to marry Jane for compatibility, more morally correct.

Rochester: wants to commit bigamy, marries Jane for love, understands her needs.

Jane and Georgiana Reed (cousins)
Jane: plain, isolated from the family, treated like servant. When Mrs Reed is ill, she spends time talking to her.

Georgiana: very pretty, vain, cannot spend more than five minutes with dying mother.

Jane and Blanche Ingram (young women desiring after Rochester)
Amplifies Jane’s noble qualities.
Jane: plain, governess, keeps to herself, kind to Adele, only interested in Rochesters interior, money does not matter to her.

Blanche: graceful, beautiful, attention seeking, mocks Adele from first meeting, extravagant methods of capturing Rochester’s love.

Miss Temple and Mrs Reed
Miss Temple: mother figure, loving and supportive, serene, calm.

Mrs Reed: treated Jane as inferior, not loving, suppressed, causes Jane to be angry.

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