Frankenstein Chapters 1-8. Flashcard Example #64318

From where is the first letter written? To whom is it addressed? Who is writing the letter?
From St. Petersburgh(Russia), addressed to Mrs. Margaret Saville(his sister), and Robert Walton wrote the letter.
What does Walton propose to do?
He proposes to find the Northwest passage to the North Pole.
How long has he been preparing for this journey?
He has been preparing for 6 years.
From where does Walton write his next journey?
Archangel- Russia.
What regret does Walton voice to his sister?
He doesn’t have a friend-; theme of friendlessness.
When is the next letter dated? What has happened since the March letter?
July 7, had began his voyage.
What does Walton report on August 5th?
Ship surrounded by ice and they saw a gigantic man on a sledge.
What does Walton discover the following mourning? What happened to this man?
Sailor were talking to a half frozen tired man.
Why has the man traveled so far north?
To seek one who fled from him-; the creature.
What one thought seems to have revived the man’s interest in life?
That the sledge has not been destroyed.
What does Robert Walton think of his guest?
He started his love him as a brother, recognizes his nobility.
What causes the ship’s guest to cry?
Robert’s obsession with success/ambition.
What does the stranger decide to do? Why?
He decides to tell his story to Walton so that he doesn’t make the same mistakes.
Who is the narrator now? What region was the speaker’s native country?
Victor Frankenstein; Geneva, Switzerland.
Why did the narrator p’s father marry late in life? How did he meet his bride-to-be? Whom did he marry?
He was occupied by the affairs of his country. She was the daughter of his best friend. Her name was Caroline Beaufort.
In which town was the speaker born?
Naples, Italy.
When did the speaker cease to be the only child in the family? What was the child’s name?
When he was 5 years kid. His parents adopted Elizabeth Lavenza.
What relationship grew between Elizabeth and Victor?
They grew very close.
What caused Victor’s parents to stop traveling?
The birth of a second son, 7 years old, younger than Victor.
Who became Victor’s closest friend?
Henry Clerval.
What direction did Victor’s quest for knowledge take?
He loved studying natural philosophy.
What did Clerval study?
Books of chivalry and romance.
What incident may have changed the course of Victor’s life?
When he was 13, he found a book of natural philosophy written by Cornelius Agrippa.
What specific results did Victor hope to accomplish from this study of nature? Was he successful?
The elixir of life-> loving forever, banishing disease. He was not successful.
What changed his direction once again?
When he was 15, he saw lightening strike a tree. Fascinated by the effects of -direct current of electricity. – means galvanism.
Does Victor believe in fatalism?
Fatalism-> all events are determined by fate and are unalterable. No because he wants to be able to bring people back to life.
Where did Victor receive his higher education?
University of Ingolstadt in Germany.
What happened before Victor could leave to attend the university?
Elizabeth caught Scarlet fever.
Who nursed Elizabeth back to health? What resulted from her attentions to Elizabeth?
Victor’s mother(Caroline) nursed Elizabeth back to health but caught the fever herself and died.
What was his mother’s last request?
That Victor and Elizabeth marry.
Why did Henry Clerval’s father deny Henry’s request to attend the University of Ingolstadt?
His father was a trader and felt that a liberal education would ruin Henry.
What was the result of Victor’s first encounter with his professor?
Professor Kempe told Victor he wasted his time.
What did M. Waldman lecture about? What impression did M. Waldman make on Frankenstein? How did he help him?
He lectured about history of chemistry and modern chemistry. He praised the ancient teachers of science-; those that Victor admired.
What brought Victor acclaim at the university?
His passion for his studies and his work. (Obsession)
What extended Frankenstein’s stay at the University of Ingolstadt?
His study of physiology- the natural decay and corruption of the human body.
What great discovery did Frankenstein make?
He discovered how to bestow(give) life.
Does Frankenstein tell Walton the secret he had discovered?
No, he must wait until the end of the story so he can learn from Victor’s experiences.
What did Frankenstein propose to do?
He began creating a human being.
How large would this creation be? Why?
8 feet tall. It was difficult to work with small parts.
From what sources did Frankenstein collect his materials?
From graves and charnel houses.
8. Where did he hide his laboratory?
In a room at the top of the house.
Frankenstein was aware of how illegal and repulsive the nature of his work was. Why did he continue? Whom did neglect during this time?
He was obsessed and he was driven by his ego (ambition). He neglected his family.
When did Frankenstein finally give life to his creature?
On a dreary night in November. It took two years.
Why was he displeased with his creation?
It looked like a hideous monster.
How did Frankenstein react when the creature tried to befriend him?
Ran from the room and out of the house.
Who unexpectedly came to Ingolstadt to study? How did this help Victor?
Henry Clerval. It helped him to forget the horror of the creature, because he was reminded of his family.
What happened to Frankenstein’s health? Who nursed him back to health? How long did his illness last?
He collapsed in exhaustion. Henry nursed him back to health. Victor was ill for months. hallucination about the creature.
What is the name of Victor’s next oldest brother? How old is he? How does he differ from Victor? What are his plans?
Ernest- 16 years old. Seeking a career in the military. He wants to enter the foreign service. More of a Romantic than Victor.
Who is Justine Moritz?
A young girl who came to live with the Frankenstein family as their servant when their mother no longer wanted her. They loved her as a family member.
Who is Victor’s other brother?
William- youngest brother- 5 years old.
What subjects did Clerval choose to study? Why did Frankenstein join him in these studies?
Oriental languages. Victor joined him in his studies to forget his former studies.
What news did Victor receive from his father?
His little brother William was murdered.
Why did Elizabeth feel that she was responsible for the murder?
She allowed him to wear his mother’s locket.
How long had Victor been away?
Victor had been away for 6 years.
Why couldn’t Victor go home the night of his return? What did he decide to do instead?
The gates of the town were shut, so he visited the spot where William had been murdered.
What did Frankenstein discover at Plainpalais? What did he realize when he discovered this?
He saw the creature. He realized that the creature had murdered William.
Why did Victor decide he not tell about his discovery of the murderer?
People would think he was insane- too difficult to believe.
Who was charged with William’s death? What evidence was used to charge?
Justine Moritz. She had the locket.
Who believes in Justine’s innocence completely besides Victor?
Elizabeth and Victor believe Justine is innocent.
Why had Justine been out all night at the time William was murdered?
She had been visiting an aunt in a village(Chene) a league from Geneva. She was informed of the missing child and was locked out of the town while searching.
How did the miniature get into Justine’s pocket?
She has no explanation.
What was the verdict?
Justine was found guilty and sentenced to hang.
Why did Justine confess to the crime?
She was told by her confessor to “confess” the crime if she wanted absolution. Her confessor threatened her with excommunication and hell fire in her last moments if she didn’t confess.

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