Frankenstein Characters Flashcard Example #82083

Victor Frankenstein
-Study in Ingolstadt, discovers the secret of life
-Creates an intelligent yet grotesque monster
-Recoils in horror from his creation
-Keeps the monster a secret; feels guilty of his creation
-Feels responsible for all actions and crimes of the monster
-Suspect for murdering best friend
-Becomes very ill & inprisoned
-Innocent youth fascinated by science into a disillusioned guilt-ridden man
The Creature
-Created by Victor Frankenstein
-Tries to integrate himself into human social patterns
-Feels abandoned and seeks revenge against his creator
-Murders William, Justine, Henry Clerval, and Elizabeth
Robert Walton
-Arctic seafarer; letters open and close the book
-Picks Victor Frankenstein up off the ice & nurses him back to health
-Listens to Victor’s story
-Records the tale in a series of letters to his sister, Margaret Saville, in England
Alphonse Frankenstein
-Victor’s father
-Sympathetic towards his son
-Allows Victor to pursue his interest in science
-Consoles Victor in moments of pain
-Stays with Victor during his inprisonment and takes care of him and takes him back to Geneva with him
Elizabeth Lavenza
-Adopted by Victor’s family
-“Cousin” of Victor
-Embodies the novel’s motif of passive women
-Waits to get Victor’s attention
-Marries Victor Frankenstein
-Murdered by the monster on the night of their wedding
Henry Clerval
-Victor’s best friend
-Nurses Victor back to health in Ingolstadt
-Follows in Victor’s footsteps to become a scientist
-Cheerful vs. moroseness
-Murdered by monster
William Frankenstein
-Victor’s youngest brother
-Strangled by the monster in the woods
-His death burdens Victor with tremendous guilt about creating the monster
Justine Moritz
-Adopted into the Frankenstein household
-Blamed and executed for William’s murder
-Confessed that she killed William; took blame from the monster/Victor
Caroline Beaufort
-Daughter of Beaufort
-Taken in and marries Alphonse Frankenstein
-Dies of scarlet fever (contracted from Elizabeth)
-A merchant and friend of Alphonse Frankenstein
-Father of Caroline Beaufort
Cottage people: The DeLacey’s
-Family that the monster watches and begins to learn to speak from
-De Lacey (blind old man) begins to take in the monster because he could not see appearance.
-Felix and Agatha (chidren) tell the blind man to push the monster away because he was different from everyone
-Safie (foreign woman)
-Beat and chased the monster away when he revealed himself to them
M. Waldman
-Chemistry professor who sparks Victor’s interest in science
-Dismissed alchemists’ conclusions
M. Krempe
-Professor of natural philosophy at Ingolstadt
-Dismisses Victo’r study of the alchemists as a wasted time
-Encouages Victor to begin his studies anew
Mr. Kirwin
-Magistrate who accused Victor of Henry’s murder
-Takes Victor to see the body of Henry
Romantic Ideas
-Intuition is more trustworthy than reason
-Feelings over logic
-The individual is at the center of life and God is at the center of the individual
-Nature is made up of symbols: people can learn about the supernatural through nature
-Aspire to the ideal: change what is to what it ought to be (make everything the best that it can be)
Elements of the Romantic
-mythical story
Gothic Literature/Horror
-combines elements of horror and romanticism
-subgenre of romantic literature
-came before modern horror- inspired it
-gives nature the power of destruction
-most common thing is the indication of mood through weather/atmosphere
Romanticism (def)
Artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the 18th century
Frame Story
An outer story that frames/continues the main story
Elements of Gothic Horror
-mystery and suspense
-supernatural element of ghosts, vampires, etc
-architecture: haunted houses, castles, wild/remote settings!!
Archetypal characters (types)
-Gothic (byronic) hero: sensitive, intelligent, confident, moody, self centered
-Protagonist: usually isolated (voluntarily or involuntarily)
-Villain: the epitome of evil, due to either own fall from grace or something that happened to them
-Wanderer: isolation, wandering the earth as some form of punishment (either self inflicted or not)
-Virginal female: pure, perfect, innocent female, who may become corrupted by the villain
-atmosphere of horror and death
-deteriorating decaying scenery

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