Frankenstein Flashcard Example #13765

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Describe the appearance of the creature that Frankenstein creates.
yellow skin, black hair and lips, enormous, perfect teeth
How does Dr. Frankenstein feel about his creation? What does he do after the creature comes to life?
disgusted, horrified; leaves the room falls asleep
Describe Victor Frankenstein’s disturbed dream
imagines kissing Elizabeth, who turns into his dead mother
What does Frankenstein do when the creature reaches out to him? What do you think is the creature’s reason for reaching out for Dr. Frankenstein?
runs out of the apartment; for help
How does Victor feel when he realizes his creation has left his apartment? How does he behave right after this realization?
relieved; dancing around like a mad man
What does Victor find very tormenting?
After creating the monster, what does Victor study now?
According to Victor, why is Henry a good friend to him?
he brought joy back to his life; took care of him
Describe Henry’s mood at the end of this chapter. (5;6)
Victor is looking better and seems happier
What tragedy happens in Victor’s family?
brother William has been murdered
How does Victor feel as he nears his home?
nervous and fearful
What does Victor see in the midst of a violent thunderstorm?
the monster
For what reason does Victor decide to remain silent about his monster?
no one would believe him, they’d think he’s crazy, wouldn’t be able to catch the monster anyway
Who has been accused of the murder and for what reason?
Justine, the locket was in her pocket
Why does Victor not tell anyone about his creation to clear Justine’s name?
he would look crazy and guilty
Why does Victor think that Justine’s tortures do not equal his own?
she is innocent but he is tortured by guilt
Why does Elizabeth’s speech in court hurt Justine?
the people decide Justine is ungrateful after all liz’s family has done for her
How does Justine show her goodness?
she is not afraid to die, says God gives her strength
Do you think Victor is as guilty as he feels he is? Of what do you think he is guilty, if anything?
Yes. He was selfish and irresponsible and could’ve saved Justine.
What happens to Victor after Justine is put to death? What is his father’s opinion of Victor’s “immoderate grief”?
goes into a guilty depression; dad thinks it’s because of william’s death
What keeps Victor from killing himself?
he has to protect liz and dad
What effect have these events had on Elizabeth?
all happiness lost, but not as badly as victor
What makes Victor go to Charmounix?
he wants to relieve his depression; has good memories there
Explain: “I was a wreck–but nought had changed in those savage and enduring scenes.”
he has fallen apart, but nature hasn’t changed. So no matter what happens to us, life still goes on.
As Victor climbs the mountains, what effect do they have on him?
his burden is lightened, feels better
Why does Victor climb Montanvent in spite of the rain?
what is a little rain after all he’s been through; he knows the view
What are victor’s feelings as his creation approaches him? What is the first thing he says to his creature?
afraid, then angry; calls him a devil
Describe the expression on the creature’s face
.hurt and full of hatred
How does the creature respond to Victor?
he expected a poor reception
With what does the creature threaten Victor?
he’ll kill all his friends if victor doesn’t listen
What does the creature say about his present position?
he is miserable, rejected, alone
For what reason does Victor follow the creature and listen to his story?
curiousity and compassion
How does the creature describe his first days of life?
confused, afraid, in pain
Why does the creature decide to travel, and why is this a difficult decision for him?
he is hungry and thirsty, but afraid and confused
How does the creature respond to fire?
loves the feel, hates the touch, curious and learns to make it
What happens when the creature enters a village? where does he end up staying?
he is attacked; a storage shed connected to a cottage
How does the creature feel about the cottagers? At first, how does he react to the expression of emotions he observes them displaying?
loves and admires them; the feelings are painful and confusing so he looks away
Although the creature wants to join these people, why does he decide not to?
he remembers how the villagers treated him
How does the creature show understanding and kindness to this family?
does chores for them secretively
What does the creature spend the winter doing, and what does this reveal about him?
helping the family and learning from them; he is good-hearted, not evil, and just curious
What does the creature say he discovers about himself? What feelings does this discovery cause?
he can speak! excited
What does the creature plan to do regarding the family? How is he feeling at this point?
meet them; hopeful
Explain the second sentence of this chapter: “I shall relate events that impressed me with feelings which…have made me what I am.”
he is going to explain what happened to him that has made him a killer
How does the creature feel about spring?
it’s beautiful
What does the creature learn that changes Felix’s feelings from sorrow to joy?
his fiance Safie has returned
What is the creature going to be able to learn now that Safie has arrived? What kind of progress does he make?
how to talk, he learns very quickly
Explain why Safie wants to marry Felix. How does her father feel about this?
felix rescued safie and her father; father does not want her to
Why does Felix have to leave Safie for what he hopes is a short time?
to get his family out of prison
What happens to Felix, his father, and sister?
exiled from France, put in prison
What does Safie’s father do while in exile?
plots to take safie away and stab felix in the back (lies about giving daughter away)
Overall, what is the creature’s reaction to the cottagers?
admires them, loves them
What is the creature’s reaction to Milton’s poem Paradise Lost? According to the creature, how is he both like and dissimilar to Adam?
relates to it; he was created, but not taken care of like Adam was
What does the creature learn from papers found in victor’s pocket?
how he was created
For what does the creature hope, and what plans does he make to achieve this hope?
to become friends with the cottagers; learn to speak and see the old man alone first
How does the old man react to the creature?
he is blind, so he is welcoming
What happens when the others return?
they throw monster out
How does the creature feel? What does he wish he had done? What is his next plan?
wish he had never lived; killed himself; try talking to the old man again
What happens to the cottagers? What is the creature’s reaction to this?
they leave; he is filled with rage for the first time and vows revenge on mankind
Why does the creature decide to go to Geneva? How have these horrible circumstances changed the creature?
to find victor; they have made him bitter and want revenge on man
What happens that makes the creature feel even more bitter?
he rescues a little girl and is shot for it
Why does the creature kill William? How does the creature feel afterward?
found out he was related to victor; triumphant
What does the creature do with the portrait he takes from William?
puts it in justine’s pocket
What does the creature say Frankenstein must do?
create a female companion for him
Why does the creature say he is malicious? Do you think his feelings are justified and/or understandable?
victor abandoned him; yes, victor was greedy and irresponsible, monster doesn’t know better
Why does the creature think he will be happy with a female like himself? Do you agree with him? Explain why or why not
somewhere to belong and be accepted; no they’ll both be hated by man just the same
Describe Victor Frankenstein’s reaction to the monster’s request. What does he decide? Do you agree with his decision? Why or why not?
he doesn’t want to but he decides to because the monster threatens his friends. I think it was the right thing to say at the time
What are Dr. Frankenstein’s feelings when he returns home?
fearful, doesn’t want to make the monster, procrastinates
Why does Victor not want to marry Elizabeth right away?
he has to resolve the problem of the monster first
Why does Victor decide to go to England? How does he feel about Henry going with him?
do research to create another monster; henry will be a welcome distraction
Explain the following statement Victor makes: “But through the whole period during which I was the slave of my creature, I allowed myself to be governed by the impulses of the moment.” (pg. 132) Give examples of how this is true
he goes with his gut when it has to do with the monster; like agreeing to create his companion
Contrast Henry and Victor
enjoying life, excited; fearful, depressed
Describe Henry and Victor’s journey. What is Henry’s opinion of the area around the Rhine?
traveling through beautiful mountains; he says it is like a fantasy land
How is Henry a Romantic?
sees the good in everything, always has a positive outlook
How does Victor talk about Henry toward the end of this chapter?
Like he is dead
Describe Victor’s feelings as he journeys through England
wants to enjoy the scenery but is too worried about creating the female
Why does Victor decide to go to Scotland?
will be a good place to work
Describe the place he picks to work. How does he feel about his labors?
rocky isolated island; he hates the work he is doing
Give four reasons why Victor changes his mind. Do you agree with his reasoning? Do you see anything wrong in his decision
1. the creatures might hate each other 2. she might be evil 3. she might leave him 4. they might have babies
What opinion does victor have of his creation? Do you agree with this assessment of this creature?
What does Victor do after realizing the potential problems of creating a female monster? Who observes his actions?
rips it to pieces; the monster sees him
When does the creature say he will get his revenge?
on his wedding night
Why does Victor leave Scotland?
to rejoin henry
What does Victor have to do before he leaves? Why does he feel this is an odious but necessary task?
clean up his work; he is disgusted by it but he knows he can’t leave it
Why is the next fearful thing that happens to Victor?
gets lost in a storm in a little boat
What happens to Victor after he survives the storm and makes it to land?
the irish accuse him of murder and arrest him
Who has been murdered, and why is Victor accused of the murder?
Henry; someone saw a boat that looked like his
How does Victor feel when he regains consciousness?
What finally brings about his release?
the investigation finds he could not have been there
Why does victor want to return home? How has his mental condition deteriorated?
watch over his family; he cannot sleep at all, gets addicted to pills
Why does Victor feel he can’t be with people? What opinion does victor express about his creation?
doesn’t deserve it, he describes him as an enemy
Why doesn’t Victor tell of the creature’s existence and its crimes? Do you think he is right or wrong?
people will hate him, punish him
What is his father’s opinion of Victor?
he is delusional and deranged
The monster vowed to be with Victor on his wedding night. What has Victor assumed the monster meant? Could it have some other meaning?
it will kill him; maybe it will kill Liz?
Why does victor decide to marry Elizabeth immediately?
make her happy; not give the monster time
What will Victor tell Elizabeth after they are married? Give your opinion of this plan
the whole story
How does Elizabeth feel about the wedding? Why is she anxious?
happy but melancholy and nervous; victor will tell her the big secret tomorrow
What precautions has Victor taken?
carrying guns and daggers
What do you think will happen on Victor’s wedding night?
Liz will die
What is Victor’s plan for dealing with the creature?
shoot him
Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to retire without him? What send him running to the bedroom?
wants to wait up for monster; liz’s screams
What happens to Elizabeth in the bedroom? How does Victor’s father react to this bad news?
monster strangles her to death; he dies from a broken heart
What action does Victor take? What is the result?
tells the whole story to the magistrate or judge; magistrate doesn’t really believe him thinks he is delirious
Victor, in his anger, says to the magistrate, “How ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom!” (pg. 170) What is the irony in this?
victor was ignorant in his pursuit of wisdom
Where does Victor meet his creature again, and why does the creature say he is satisfied?
cemetary; victor is as alone and miserable as he
How does the creature further torture Victor? Where is he leading Victor and for what purpose?
leads him on a chase; to the North; victor will be more miserable than he
What does Victor ask of Walton?
If i die, kill the monster
In his great despair, what is the only consolation Victor gets?
dreams of being with his family
Explain Victor’s statement: “When I reflected on the work I had completed, no less a one than the creation of a sensitive and rational animal, I could not rank myself with the herd of common projectors…All my speculations and hopes are as nothing; and, like the archangel who aspired to omnipotence, I am chained in an eternal hell.”
it has all been for nothing, he tried to take god’s place and now like satan he is in hell
Why does Walton dread a mutiny by his crew? What opinion does Victor express to the men concerning continuing the journey?
they do not want to continue the journey; don’t continue, go home
What advice does Victor give Walton?
stop the pursuit of knowledge
In your opinion, is the justification the creature offers for his actions adequate? What is his plan now?
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