Frankenstein plot ch. 13-15 Flashcard Example #25392

Who arrives at the cottage in the spring? What is Safie’s background? How does her language problem help the creature? Which of them learns faster?
Safie is from Turkey. Her father was wrongly accused and thrown into prison. Felix falls in love with her and teaches her French. The monster observes the reading lessons and learns faster than Safie.
How does the creature learn about reading? What book does Felix use to teach Safie?
Felix teaches Safie how to read with Volney’s Ruins of Empires.
What does the creature learn from this book? How much of a monster can someone be who can say “but when I heard details of vice and bloodshed, my wonder ceased, and I turned away with disgust and loathing”?
The creature learns about the history of civilization and all the wars man has waged on one another.
What happens when the creature begins to think about himself? How does he compare with the humans described in the book? What questions does he ask himself? How does his knowledge make him feel?
The creature realizes he is the only one in existence like himself, he is monstrously ugly and he is utterly alone. He asks “What am I?” and “Who am I?” He feels absolute misery.
What does the creature hope will happen when he talks to De Lacey? What actually happens?
He hopes he will be befriended. They are horrified instead.
How did the De Lacey family come to be living in the cottage?
The De Lacey family fled France after trying to help Safie’s father escape
What does he learn about human relationships, and how does this make him feel?
The monster learns about families and their love for one another. He longs for companionship and feels wretched.
How long has it been since the creature came to life? What is Victor doing at this point? (See chapter 6.)
Two years. Victor has been hiking and resting in Geneva
What are the three books that the creature reads, and what does he learn from each?
Plutarch’s Lives, Goethe’s Sorrows of Werter, and Milton’s Paradise Lost. He learns of man’s cruel history of war, of man’s melancholic nature and the noble thoughts of man in Paradise Lost
75. What else does the creature read and what does he learn from it?
Victor’s notes and he learns who his creator is
72. How did Safie come to find and join them?
She found letters intended for her father that included the directions to Felix.
What does the creature find in the woods?
Finds a suitcase and some books

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