Frankenstein Quotes: Fate and Destiny Flashcard Example #28931

(talkin bout corpses) I was led to examine the cause and progress of this decay,
and forced to spend days and nights in vaults and charnel-houses, Victor C4
(after talks with profs at Ingolstadt)
it decided my future destiny, Victor, C3
this almost miraculous change of inclination and will was
the immediate suggestion of the guardian angel of my life, Victor, C2
the last effort made by the spirit of preservation
to avert the storm that was even then hanging in the stars, Victor, C2
Thus strangely are our souls constructed,
and by such slight lineaments are we bound to prosperity or ruin, Victor, C2
Destiny was too potent, and her immutable laws
had decreed my utter and terrible destruction, Victor, C2
in all the misery I imagined and dreaded, I did not
conceive the hundredth part of the anguish I was destined to endure, Victor, C7

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