Frankenstein Test Flashcard Example #42842

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Justine Moritz
adopted into the Frankenstein family, blamed for William’s death and executed
Mr. Delacey
He was the creature’s only friend, old blind man
M. Waldmann
inspires Frankenstein to push the boundaries of science.
Robert Walton
Author of the letters in the beginning of the book
the natural phenomena that influenced Frankenstein’s work
Where Victor Frankenstein attends university
The Creature
Frankenstein meets him on the summit of Montanvert
Alienation/Loneliness, Nature vs. Nurture, Appearance vs. Reality, Duty and Responsibility, Justice vs. Injustice, Forbidden Knowledge, Science vs. Nature, Man as God
List one of the major themes in Frankenstein
Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley
The discussions between these two people influenced the development of Frankenstein.
Mrs.Margaret Saville
To whom are the letters in Frankenstein written?
Told through letters
Robert Walton was in the arctic exploring the unknown
Where was the author of the letters and why was he there?
He found Frankenstein on a small piece of ice
How did Walton meet Frankenstein?
He liked Frankenstein and hoped they would eventually become friends
How did Walton feel about his guest?
He tried to bestow animation on lifeless matter
What goal did Frankenstein pursue at Ingolstadt
Horrified and disgusted
How did Frankenstein feel when his creature came to life
He became ill with a fever and delerium
What happened to Victor on the day he brought the creature to life?
Henry Clerval
Who took care of Frankenstein when he was ill?
A letter from Elizabeth
What did Clerval give Frankenstein when he was better
They took walks around Ingolstadt, and Frankenstein introduced Clerval to the professors
How did Frankenstein and Clerval spend the next couple months after Frankenstein got better?
That William was murdered
What news did the letter from Frankenstein’s father bring?
The Creation
What did Frankenstein see just outside the gates of Geneva as he was returning home?
Justine Moritz, because she had the picture that was given to William
Who was accused of committing the murder, and why?
He thought Justine was innocent, and the creation was the murderer
What was Frankenstein’s reaction to this accusation?
Tried to help testify for Justine
What did Frankenstein do about his dilemma?
What happened to the accused person for William’s death?
That he was guilty, for he made the Creation
What was Frankenstein’s state of mind after the trial and its conclusion?
Where did Frankenstein go to seek relief?
The Creation
Whom did Frankenstein meet after he had ascended to the summit of Montanvert?
To listen to his story
What did the creature want of Frankenstein?
Like a newborn, alone
How did the creature feel when he first felt life?
Horrified, either attacked or ran
What was the reaction of the villagers the creature encountered?
The forest, later a hovel
Where did the creature take shelter?
They were very poor
What observations did the creature make about the people in the cottage?
To read, write, and speak, by watching Felix teach Safie
What does the creature learn to do, and how does he learn this?
Friendly, welcoming
What was the elder De Lacey’s reaction when the creature entered the cottage and began speaking with him?
Felix attacked, Safie fled, Agatha fainted
What was the reaction of the De Lacey family when they saw the creature?
Lit it on fire
What did the creature do at the cottage when he returned and found that the De Laceys had moved out?
Horrified, shot the creature
What was the reaction of the man whose daughter was saved from drowning by the creature?
That he could cause misery, too
What discovery did the creature make when he approached another human?
Strangled him
What did the creature do to this person?
How did the creature feel after his deed?
To create a female creature, equally ugly, so that he wouldn’t be alone
What did the creature ask Frankenstein to do, and why?
At first refuses, consents soon after
How did Frankenstein react to this request?
That he will be with Frankenstein on his wedding night
What threat did the creature make when he saw Frankenstein destroy his second creation?
He is accused of murder and arrested
What happened to Frankenstein when he landed his boat?
Private trial, with magistrate arranging defense
What happened at Frankenstein’s trial?
Travels, and his wedding to Elizabeth
What event occurred next in Frankenstein’s life?
The monster came in and killed Elizabeth
What happened on Frankenstein and Elizabeth’s wedding night?
He died of grief
What happened to Frankenstein’s father as a result of this latest tragedy?
Kindly disbelieving, makes excuses not to help
What was the magistrate’s response when Frankenstein told him the entire story of the creature?
Go North to chase the creature
What did Frankenstein do after he left the magistrate?
To turn back from his obsession
What request does Frankenstein make of Robert Walton?
He dies
What happened to Frankenstein at the end of the novel?
Walton said
“You have read this strange and terrific story; and do you not feel your blood congeal with horror….”
The monster said
I am an unfortunate and deserted creature; I look around and have no friend on earth.
Idea that one can turn lead into gold or create life in a test tube
John Locke
English philosopher who argued that people have natural rights and coined the tabula rasa–blank slate theory of the way people come into this world
Dr Faustus
Tried to be like God and know all but could not handle the responsibility
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
The sea captain had a story to tell dealing with the albatross (symbol of his sin) around his neck
Mary Wollstonecraft
Wrote “A Vindication of the Rights of Women”; Mary’s mother
Percy Bysshe Shelley
eloped even though he was married
Paradise Lost
Taught the monster that God behaved as a Father to Adam
Why Mary started the novel
As a result of a competiton with her husband, Lord Byron, and his friend/doctor John Polidori
The Modern Prometheus
subtitle of book
Stole fire and gave it to humans before they were ready
Lake Geneva
Setting for the creation of the novel
the Orkneys
Where the female monster is created
the ice
where Victor is physically separated from the monster
Caroline Beaufort
dies of scarlet fever
killed by the monster
In order to receive the last rites
Mary spent a lot of time
at Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin’s grave
Mary Shelley
was educated by her father
is a foil to Victor
Is curious and helpful
The monster is initially
The rejection by the cottagers
contributes to the monster’s change
Boundlessness and freedom
are traits of Romanticism
What Mary affectionately called her book.
My Hideous Progeny
Creature brought to life from mud and clay
Percy Shelley died from
Percy’s heart
What was saved for Mary after Percy’s death.
How old was Mary when she wrote the book?
Book’s publication date
The death of Mary Shelley’s babies
May have influenced her to write the book.
Ghostly counterpart of a living person or an alter ego
Percy Shelley
Edited the novel for Mary
How many children did Mary raise?
The dangers of ego and pride
Are warned against in the novel
A movement in literature and art during the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe that favored rationality and restraint and strict forms: rational, logical, intellectual, and aristrocratic
Supposed writer of the Preface
Percy Shelley
How did Percy Shelley die?
What did Percy Bysshe Shelley write?
Prometheus Unbound, a portrait of the revolt of human beings against the laws and customs that oppress them along with many famous poems such as Ozymandis and Ode to the West Wind
William Godwin
(1756-1836) Considered one of the important precursors of both utilitarian and liberal anarchist thought. Married Mary Wollstonecraft, and their daughter, also Mary, wrote Frankenstein.
Walton, Percey Shelley, and Frankenstein
What part of the novel did Percy Shelley change?
The final paragraph
Professor Krempe
A professor of natural philosophy at Ingolstadt. He dismisses Victor’s study of the alchemists as wasted time and encourages him to begin his studies anew.
Professor Waldman
The professor of chemistry who sparks Victor’s interest in science. He dismisses the alchemists’ conclusions as unfounded but sympathizes with Victor’s interest in a science that can explain the “big questions,” such as the origin of life.
Famous inventor who did digital production of book
Thomas Edison
year of Mary Shelley’s death
Did Mary Shelley put her name on the novel in 1818?
The first time Mary attached her name to the novel?
1831 edition
Romantic Movement
a movement in response to the cold rationality of the Enlightenment that stressed poetic, religious, and visionary human experience; sought to combine the “reason” of the Enlightenment with a renewed “faith” in the poetic powers of the human being–1798-1832
What were the weather conditions like the summer of writing Frankenstein?
rainy, wet, dark–The year without a summer because of unusual climate–persistent fog–ruined crops, lots of starvation
Jane Clairmont
one of Mary Jane Clairmont’s children who accompanied Mary and Percy to Paris; she eventually changes her name to “Claire” after being ousted by Mary because she found it to be more romantic; became Lord Byron’s “lover,” although he had a significant lack of affection for her
Number of pregnancies Mary Shelley had
typical romantic hero
social rebel; outcast from society, passionate, uninhibited and unconventional
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