Frankenstein Test Flashcard Example #91917

Caroline Beaufort’s father was a friend of Frankenstein’s father. When the friend fell into poverty and left the country in shame, Frankenstein’s father sought him out with the intention of helping him financially. When he discovered his friend, the man was in poor health, and upon his friend’s death, Frankenstein’s father took his daughter, Caroline, under his care and sent her to live with relatives. Two years later, Frankenstein’s father married Caroline. These circumstances reveal Frankenstein’s father to be a kind, generous man, devoted to his friends and willing to help them. His dad was a successful man.
Victor is more consumed with the scientific knowledge of nature while Elizabeth enjoys experiencing nature firsthand and through reading the romance poets. Victor is more intense and Elizabeth is calmer. Different philosophies of the time periods. Shelley is writing about what she is familiar with. Victor had a great childhood.
Henry Clerval is the son of a merchant and Victor’s closest friend. He “loved enterprise, hardship, and even danger, for its own sake.” He reads books of romance and chivalry, composed heroic songs, and wrote tales of knights and adventure. Victor was interested in uncovering the outer and inner workings of the physical and spiritual worlds. Clerval was more interested in virtue and the moral relations of things.
Determined, passionate, hardworking, curious
On a visit to the home of a poor family, Victor’s mother discovered a foster child living with the family. Elizabeth was the daughter of a nobleman, left in the care of this family when her mother died. Her father disappeared and she was raised in poverty. Victor’s mother persuaded the family to allow her to raise Elizabeth. They agreed because they felt it would be unfair to keep Elizabeth in poverty when she had the opportunity to be raised by a wealthy family. What really was her motive since Elizabeth was the prettiest of all of them? Caroline had a heart for those in poverty and was confident enough to where she didn’t have to ask her husband for permission.
Victor was not convinced that his father really understood the writings of Agrippa, and so he continued to read. This demonstrates that even at a young age, Victor felt he was possessed of a keener instinct to understand things better than other people. Certainly he felt he knew Agrippa better than his father. The nature of man is to rebel against higher power.
Victor says that he “entered with the greatest diligence into the search of the philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life.” He was not interested in wealth but became obsessed with the idea of banishing disease to the extent of making humans nearly invulnerable. He also attempts incantations to raise ghosts or devils.
Victor witnesses the destruction of an oak tree by lightening. The next day a “man of great research in natural philosophy” shares his theories on electricity and galvanism. This study intrigues and excites young Victor to the point that he dismisses his previous studies as being “a deformed and abortive creation” and a “would-be science.”
Frankenstein views it as almost miraculous. It was “the last effort made by the spirit of preservation” to turn him from his former pursuits. Unfortunately, he says, it was “ineffectual,” and he was destined to “utter and terrible destruction.” Foreshadowing
After Elizabeth catches scarlet fever, Frankenstein’s mother attends her and also catches the disease. Elizabeth’s health improves, but Frankenstein’s mother dies. On her deathbed, she tells Victor and Elizabeth that she’d always hoped they would be joined in marriage. She tells them that their marriage will console their father. She also charges Elizabeth to act as a mother to the younger children in the family. She died calmly. He wasn’t going to let the death of his mother have an effect on his plans.
Frankenstein felt as if “his soul were grappling with a palpable enemy.” Rather than denounce his former studies (as M. Krempe had) Frankenstein resolves to return to his study of alchemy. Nihilism ideas. Foreshadowing as Krempe “seeks to destroy him.”
The day was when Professor Waldman took Frankenstein “under his wing” to mentor him. Prior to this time, Frankenstein had not had someone to lead him in his studies. Unlike Krempe, Waldman does not show contempt for the alchemists. Rather, he says that modern scientists are indebted to them for providing the foundations of their knowledge. He encourages Frankenstein in the study of chemistry, but tells him not to neglect other branches of natural philosophy.
Very consumed with the causes of life and death
Fear of failure, thinks its morally wrong which leaders to the monster, he never though of something going wrong
It’ll glorify and gratify him and be the first of the species
Ill, cuts himself off from everything, losing touch with reality
Immediate regret-he is ugly and doesn’t praise him. He spends all this time creating something and in an instant abandons it
Helps nurse him to health. He is a friend that grounds him and help bring him back to reality
Brings him back to health
Yes because he was so engrossed in his creation that he was turning sick and isolating himself from everyone he knew. He wasn’t taking care of himself
Dreary, rainy, ugly night, sets the mood
Creation ends up haunting him when it was supposed to please him. He was ugly but was made to be beautiful
He dreams that Elizabeth turns into the image of death. It foreshadows Elizabeth’s death.
Dante conceived hell and this monster was so bad and so ugly that it was too bad for hell
They believe that the outcome is better than their morals
God is never giving up on us but Victor gave up on his creation immediately
His brother William is dead
Allowed him to wear the picture of his mom and she thought the killer killed him because he wanted the picture
Sees monster, the murdered during a storm
Justine because the picture was found in her pocket. She is the housekeeper
Nervous he’ll be looked down for, called insane – Justine is convicted and his guilt grows
People who don’t come to testify – Victor doesn’t come to speak either
She was threatened and pressured
She wasn’t scared to die
He goes alone on a nature walk
He wanted to be great but ended up being the worst – also created the worst thing
She isn’t actually guilty and he was the one that let the trial go on
He now feels guilty about death because he was the cause of so many peoples death
Just the start of the deaths to come
He thought of his family and how he needs to protect them from the monster – causing them grief
Haunting mood
Both run away from their problems – alone, don’t think about future
He is like a baby and has to learn how to do everything on his own. He sees fire and realizes that it is warmth but also can burn him. He likes to watch people but realizes he cannot be with people because of his looks and attitude.
He realizes that he cannot be with humans because they are so scared of him and it makes him hate his creator for making him so ugly and unwanted
He realizes that he wants companionship and longs to be with them
He learns that they are poor and struggling because of their behalf
The De Lacey family is teaching Sophia and he learns by spying on them
He finds pages of Victor’s journal in his clothes that he stole from Victor
He tries to go talk to the blind old man but when the other cottagers come back and see him invading their house, they run him off
He finds him in the woods and asks who he is
He wants him to create a mate for him because he is alone
The monster – he is the only one that can tell his story the most accurately because he was actually there and feeling everything
They are the only ones he has been able to watch and learn from without running them away, because they haven’t seen him
From the sorrows of werter, the monster learns about deep thoughts and starts questioning his life and his own existence. From Plutarch’s lives he learns about the past good and evil and realizes that some people are good and some people are bad
He compares himself not to Adam, who was perfect and had a great creator, but to satan which causes bitterness in him
The monster was naturally good as he grew and tried to help the De Lacey family as much as he could but was turned to evil and bitterness by rejection from humans and reading Paradise Lost
He seems like a real person who has feelings and is wanted instead of someone who is just bad and made only for destruction
Stay secluded
-Won’t create another wicked creature

-Creature wants love so she won’t stay secluded

-Not trustworthy

He wants to get away from the monster and have him stop killing his family
He doesn’t want anyone to find out about his creation
Henry Clerval because he wants to see India for companionship and his family’s worried about him
Foreshadowing Clerval’s death
The first time he was in a enthusiastic frenzy but the second time he felt filthy, in cold blood, sickened, evil
-Could be 10,000x worse

-Monster has no reason to keep promise

-What if they don’t like each other

-Might want human companionship

He thought he was going to kill him
Henry died – the monster strangled him
Every time theres a storm, the monster is there – nature can restore us
He caused so many peoples death that he’s very guilty
Reminds him of the other tree that triggered his interest in science
Allusion to Adam and Eve because both wanted to be like God and have knowledge. Victor wanted knowledge and power and he cannot undo what is done
Elizabeth’s death – strangled
Monster appears which means something is going to happen
Grief striken for three days and then dies
Victor put in an insane asylum after dad’s death
Half-believes him, try to soothe him
Revenge – both have nothing to lose
To taunt him and make him miserable
He’s dying and cannot continue his hunt
Letters – from Sophie and Felix, Walton saw the monster on the sled
His inability to tell the story himself, how he felt
Victor no longer wants to live, he has given up
Framing device
Victor initially says don’t go and be like me and then changes his mind at the end, encouraging him to go. He spends all this time telling him not to be like him but then doesn’t care

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