George Orwell and Animal Farm Study Guide Flashcard Example #97853

What is Georges real name?
Eric Arthur Blair
When was he born and died?
Born in India 1903
Died in 1950
Why did his time in India make him feel “guilty”?
He enrolled in imperial rule and felt guilty for the part he played
As a journalist, what did Orwell become concerned about?
Poverty and unemployment
What is socialism?
A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
What war did he join? Why?
He joined the Spanish Civil War to fight against General Franco and Fascism.
When did he write Animal Farm?
Know the main events and people from the Russian revolution
Why did Orwell write Animal Farm?
He wrote Animal Farm as a criticism of the Soviet Union and what he perceived as its corruption of the ideals of communism
What is an allegory?
A story that can be read on 2 leveled- an extended metaphors
What is satire?
Uses ridicule to make certain people, events, or institutions appear foolish and hopefully inspire some change.
How is Animal Farm a satire? Be sure to understand the ideas that are being satirized and examples from the irony?
Animals are mad lesser than pigs because they are uneducated compared to the pigs
What is a fable?
A short tale that teaches the reader a lesson, often using animals as characters
How is Animal Farm both allegory and fable?
People involved with the Russian revolution were talked about without directly talking about them and its a fable because it used animals and has a moral to the story
What are the 3 trees of irony?
Verbal irony, dramatic irony, situational irony.
What are the examples of irony in Animal Farm?
The animals trade one tyrant leader for another

Animals want good, but it is made worse

What is a dystopian novel and what are its elements?
1. Society is the antagonist
2. Protagonist aims to make society better
3. Loss of freedom
4. Poor living conditions
5. Conflicts often unresolved
6. Author cautions the reader about some aspect of modern society
How is Animal Farm a dystopian novel?
1. Pigs want to make the living conditions on the farm better
2. The animals must work for the Pigs
3. Pigs are the antagonist
4. Threatened if didnt work
What is the theme?
Theme is the underlying main idea of a story, the authors point of view on a particular subject
How is purpose different from theme?
Purpose – why did he/she write
Theme- what perspective is the author expressing on a particular subject
What are the themes in Animal Farm? What is the authors purpose?
1. A perfect society is only as perfect as the members that make it up
2. No society will ever have real equality as long as some people take advantage of others
3. Absolute power will corrupt absolutely
What do the characters in animal farm represent? (Chart)
Look on Drive and Google Classroom Document
What is propaganda?
The delivery of information to o
How is propaganda used?
To make one think or act in a way to support another; tho promise things that won’t be given
What examples of propaganda do we see in Animal Farm?
1. The pigs take more than the rest of the animals
2. They tell the animals that the pigs should have more so the farmer doesnt come back
Chapter 1
Inciting incident
Commandments are made, battle at cowshed, windmill battle, pigs fall further away from the commandments.
Rising action
Napoleon uses fear and becomes more human like
Food is scarce, sale of Boxer, Napoleon is president and Moses returns
Falling action
Rebellion is a distant memory, pigs walk on 2 legs, changed commandments
Resolution/ conclusion

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