Great Gatsby Chapter 5-6 Summary Flashcard Example #59835

Chapter 5
– Nick returns from the city and he finds Gatsby admiring his house.
– Nick tells Gatsby that he plans to invite Daisy over for tea.
– Gatsby offers Nick a job, but he turns it down.
– The next day Nick invites Daisy to tea and tells her not to bring Tom.
– Daisy arrives and Nick goes out to meet her.
– A moment later there is a knocking on the door and Gatsby walks in.
– Gatsby and Daisy look at each other in awkward surprise.
– Nick tries to make the afternoon go smoothly but realises that the two would like to be alone.
– Gatsby invites them over to his house.
– The trio walks through and Gatsby tries to impress Daisy with all of the possessions he has filled his house with.
– Nick, again realising his presence is not needed, leaves the two alone.
Chapter 6
– A reporter comes to Gatsby’s home one day trying to learn about him since Gatsby has become a sort of celebrity.
– Nick gives us the truest account of Gatsby’s life.
– He was born James Gatz in North Dakota.
– His parents were poor farm people and to escape the blandness of his existence, Gatsby created a fantasy world.
– As a young man he worked along the shore of lake superior doing odd jobs.
– While walking the shoreline he spots a yacht owned by Dan Cody.
– He warns Cody that he might have sailing troubles.
– Cody takes Gatsby under his wing.
– When Cody died Gatsby was supposed to get a large portion of his fortune but was tricked out of it.
– At the next party Gatsby throws Tom and Daisy arrive.
– Tom immediately dislikes the party and begins to question how Gatsby came into so much money
– Daisy also seems to be unhappy at the party which frightens Gatsby.
– He tells Nick that he will make things right with her and they will be able to go back to how they once were.

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