Hamlet and The Lion King Compare & Contrast Flashcard Example #2831

Main Character
Princes (Hamlet/Simba)
Shady Uncles
Scar and Claudius
His father dies while he was young
The story line of this movie is a happy one
The Lion King
The wife whose husband dies and then she remarries to his brother
Queen Gertrude
Wants to take his brothers place as King
Scar and Claudius
Parents are King and Queen of Denmark
Parents are rulers of Pride Rock
The Prince who becomes a King
Most characters die in this film
Wants his son to avenge his death
King Hamlet
Wants his son to do well and take his place as King
Mufasa and King Hamlet
Alike because they both were kings. They were both killed by their brothers.
Scar and Claudius
Alike because they both killed someone in order to get what they want.
Cain and Abel
Alike because they both try to give something to God.
Sarabi and Gertrude
Relate to one another by being the mothers in both stories.
Nala and Ophelia
Are the girlfriends of the main characters
Pumbaa and Rosencrantz
Are the friends of the main characters.
People thought he was crazy but it was an act
Claudius and Scar
Tries to act like a good King but is actually evil
Themes in both stories
Revenge, Loyalty, Power, and Friendship
Hakuna Matata
Means no worries
Suffers from thinking too much and not acting upon his thoughts
A theme that both of the evil brothers wanted and cared about more than famly

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