huck finn (chapters 19-26) Flashcard Example #1724

Chapter 19
This chapter opens by describing a typical 24-hour period in their lives. What is described and what is the tone?
they tend to be very careful. they hunted for food during the day and traveled at night. they had to make sure they couldn’t be seen or they would get questioned. seemed lonely
At one point, Huck and Jim seem to have a serious philosophical discussion about whether the stars were made, created by a supreme being, or whether the universe was the result of some kind of accident. What is Jim’s theory?
Jim said the moon created them
How does Huck meet the duke and the Dauphin?
As daylight’s about to set in and Jim and Huck are looking for a place on shore to hide the raft and themselves, two guys are running along shore yelling for help and if they can join them
What causes the elder man to claim royalty also?
he was jealous of the duke getting all of the special treatment
What is Huck’s opinion of the two?
he knows that they are frauds and he thinks it is very selfish of them to do it, but he also does admit it is clever
Chapter 20
What has the duke done that will allow them to run the raft during daylight hours?
Makes a wanted flyer for Jim and they were going to pretend they captured him
whenever someone came they’d say they were going to get the reward
Chapter 21
At first, the town loafers seem to be lazy but good-hearted men. What do they do, however, that seems cruel?
abuse animals: dog fighting, lying having about tobacco
How do the townspeople describe Boggs? What happens to Boggs?
-sad, town drunk
-people think he’s funny and he’s harmless.
-says he’s going to kill but he doesn’t
-Colonel Sherburn shoots him
-crowd goes to lynch the colonel
Chapter 22
What does Col. Sherbourne say about “the average man”?
a coward; he’s a coward. lets people walk all over him
The business with the drunk, who turns out to be a trick rider, fools the crowd at first. In the end, who is the only one that Huck thinks had been fooled?
the ring master
After their first show fails, the duke plans a second show. Why does he think his last line on the playbill will really draw the crowd?
dies and children not admitted–it’s exciting, scandal, filthy
Chapter 23
Why does the crowd that attends the Royal Nonesuch show tell everyone else in town that it is a good show?
They want the rest of the town to be ripped off too so they’re not the only ones and they’re embarrassed
Huck tells Jim about kings and gets some of his facts straight, but some are totally wrong. What one opinion of Huck’s (and probably Twain’s) comes across clearly?
all kings are rapscallions, overuse power and are entitled deceitful
Why is Huck surprised that Jim cares so much for his children?
Because he is black and it is unnatural for them to be like white people who care for their children
What story does Jim tell that is filled with sentimentality and sadness?
Jim beat his daughter because she did not listen to him but she could not listen because she was deaf
Chapter 24
Where does the king get all his information about the Wilks family?
From a young boy on the steamboat
Huck concludes this chapter by saying, “It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race.” To what is he referring?
The king and doph. pretending to be the brothers of the deceased man so they can get money. The one even pretends to be deaf and mute.
Chapter 25
In this chapter Twain has his characters misuse two words, “diseased” and “orgies.” What words should the character have used?
Deceased and Obsequies
What is Huck referring to when he says, “I never see anything so disgusting”?
Everyone is happy the “brothers” have come but the king and duke are just faking it for the money
How does the king try to cover his mistaken use of the word “orgies”?
By saying they use the word in England and it’s new from a Greek origin
Who challenges all the nonsense?
The doctor, who says he was a friend of the deceased man and he knows the duke and king are faking it
Chapter 26
Why does Huck start to feel remorse about this hoax in which he has become involved?
He has to lie to the girls that were nice to him. He feels bad that the king and duke are stealing from them.
Despite the doctor nearly spoiling the plan, the king is still confident. Why?
All of the people in town still believe they are the brothers
What would you suppose Twain’s opinion of the human race is at the time he wrote these passages?
He thinks the majority of humanity as liars, cheats, and ignorant people.

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