Huck Finn Quickchecks Flashcard Example #91087

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is celebrated in part for its representation of what perspective?
In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, when Huck says his father used to whale him, he means he used to _____him.
Why does Huck give up on a prayer?
some of his prayers have not been answered
A type of narrative that uses the words I and me and features one character relating events from his own perspective is called
Realism arose as a reaction to ________.
Which of these words is a synonym for palavering?
________is the vocabulary, phonology, and grammar of a particular region or social class.
What is unusual about the house Jim and Huck find?
it is floating
How might Jim’s dialect affect the reader’s interpretation of the character?
it projects Jim’s character as a stereotype
Which vocabulary word describes s small sand bar or islet within a river that contains brush or trees?
Where is Cairo?
it is where the Ohio meets the Mississippi River
When an author exaggerates personality defects to a ludicrous extreme, it is called
Huck’s description of the “drunk” horsemen at the circus is an example of what kind of irony?
Why does Jim feel guilty?
he hit his deaf daughter for not listening to him
In the illustration called “Harmless,” Jim is made to look
At first, Huck feels ______ about writing to Jim’s owner.
What is another word for ship’s small boat?
When the kind enters the town, he pretends to be
Harvey Wilks, from England
Which of the following quotes contains a metaphor?
“Look at it, gentlemen and ladies all; take a-hold of it; shake it. There’s a hand that was the hand of a hog; but it ain’t so no more; it’s the hand of a man that’s started in on a new life, and’ll die before he’ll go back.”

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