Huckleberry Finn Chapters 11-18 Flashcard Example #32152

What information does Huck get from Mrs. Judith Loftus?
There is a reward out for Jim and her husband is going out to look for him at midnight.
What story does Huck tell Mrs. Loftus when she sees through his disguise?
Calls himself George Peters, son of a mean farmer, runaway
What three things does Huck do give away that he is boy?
He forgets his girl name, uses a needle and thread wrong, almost hits the rat the first time, and the caught the lead between his legs.
Why do Huck and Jim leave Jackson’s Island?
People are after them.
Describe the raft and the life Huck and Jim lead when alone on it.
Basically logs tied together and life is carefree and relaxed
How do Huck and Jim get food?
They buy, steal and hunt for food
Why are Huck and Jim able to feel comfortable about borrowing things?
Pap said it’s ok as long as you return it and you are just “borrowing it”
Why does Huck insist on boarding the Walter Scott?
They want to steal from the captain
Who are Bill, Jake, and Turner?
What do Bill and Jake decide to do with Turner?
Leave him tied up and if the boat sinks, he drowns
What terrible discovery does Jim make at the end of the chapter?
Their raft broke loose and is gone
Huck and Jim escape from the Walter Scott in the lifeboat, leaving the murderers trapped on the wreck. How does Huck feel about leaving them?
He feels bad for them and wants to help them.
How does his concern differ from the widows?
He is concerned for their well-being. She would be concerned with their deaths
How does Huck try to help the murderers?
Tells a watchman that his family is on the Walter Scott
What happens to the murderers?
They all die except for the one that was tied up.
Why does Jim decide that he doesn’t want any more adventures?
The adventures could end up in his death or capture.
Why does Jim “take no stock in . . . Sollermun bein de wises’ man dat ever live”?
He thinks that it’s foolish that any man would try to cut a baby in half
Why does Huck decide that it is useless to argue with him?
Jim is very stubborn and won’t be able to understand Huck’s opinion.
Is Mark Twain expressing opinions through Jim or Huck?
Both, but mainly through Huck
What do Huck and Jim plan to do when they reach Cairo?
They were gonna get on a steam boat and go to Illinois. Settle in Ohio.
In the filmstrips, the comment was made that “Huck does know how to tell us things.” Describe how Huck felt when he was alone in the fog?
Upset, frightened, not able to find his way
Huck tells Jim that separation in the fog was a dream. Why is Jim so hurt by Huck’s trick?
He thought it really happened
Why is Huck’s response to Him’s rebuke significant?
It shows that Huck treats Jim like a human and vows that he’ll never play a trick on him again.
Why is Huck so uneasy about approaching Cairo?
There aren’t many houses and they might not be able to see if they pass the town.
Explain what Huck calls a conscience.
What society says is right
How does it conflict with helping Jim escape?
Society says to turn him in, but Huck wants to help.
What decision does Huck make to quiet his conscience?
He is secretly going to give Jim up.
How does Huck keep the men in the skiff from checking out the raft?
He tells them that his parents are sick and he needs help getting to shore.
What decision does Huck make about doing right and wrong?
He will do whichever when needed.
Why did Huck and Jim have to change their plans?
The raft broke and they passed Cairo
How did Huck and Jim get separated?
A steamboat hit the raft and knocked them overboard. Huck swam to shore and Jim followed, but when Jim heard the dogs, he stayed on shore while Huck went into the house.
How does huck solve the problem of forgetting his name?
He plays a game with Buck “Bet you can’t spell my name”
What does Huck think of the Grangerfords? Of their home?
He thinks the house is awesome and that they are kind of stupid for fighting.
Huck often make interesting observations. Hi comment on Emmeline Grangerford is, “I reckoned that with her disposition she was having a better time in the graveyard.” What does this show about Huck?
That he is insightful and a people person.
Why had Emmeline died?
She was sick. It is a satire of death.
What is the cause of the feud between the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons?
No ones knows for sure
Which side started the shooting?
ain’t nobody know
Why is Twain so vague about it?
He is poking fun at how dumb it is.
Buck tells Huck, “There ain’t a coward amongst them Shepherdsons — not a one. And there ain’t no cowards amongst the Grangerfords either.” What are the drawbacks to this sort of courage?
No one will back the hell down
Why is the topic of the Sunday sermon “ironic”?
The families hold guns during church while they listen to the sermon about brotherly love
What has happened to Jim since the last time Huck has seen him?
The found the raft and fixed it! GO JIM!
What does Miss Sophie do?
runs off with Harney Shepherdson. This is a parallel to Romeo and Juliet. HEEEY
What happens to the various Grangerfords.
They die.
What does Huck do?
He covers the dead faces and pulls them ashore and then continued on his journey

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