Huckleberry Finn Chapters 13-16 Flashcard Example #58790

What did Huck and Jim ride when they left the steamboat?
A skiff
What is the Walter Scott?
A steamboat
What did Huck do when he finally found Jim again?
He slept
What did Huck read to Jim about?
He read about royalty
What were Jim and Huck smoking?
They were smoking cigars
What did Jim and Huck have a disagreement about?
They had a disagreement about the way French people speak
Why couldn’t the three men leave the steamboat?
They could not leave because Huck and Jim stole their skiff.
How did Huck and Jim find their raft again?
Lightning flashed and they saw a black thing up ahead and it was their raft.
What lie did Huck tell the ferryboat watchman?
He lied that his family was on the wreck.
What are some things that Huck and Jim found in the skiff?
Boots, blankets, clothes, a spy glass and other things. (supplies)
Why didn’t Jim want to return to Miss Watson’s house?
Because Miss Watson would sell him South.
Why did Jim think that King Solomon was not wise?
Because he did not think that Solomon made wise decisions
Where do the Mississippi River and the Ohio River meet?
What made it hard for Huck and Jim to see each other?
When Jim was alone on the raft, where was Huck?
In a Canoe
What can Jim receive if he heads North?
What do Jim and Huck believe brought then bad luck?
The snake skin
What smashed into the raft?
A steamboat
What lie did Huck tell Jim?
He lied that Jim had dreamed it when they were in the fog.
How did Jim figure out that Huck was lying?
Because he found the rubbish on the raft and that happened in his dream.
Why did Huck feel bad about lying to Jim?
Because it made Jim feel like a fool.
Why did Huck feel guilty about helping Jim escape?
Because he thought he was being mean to Miss Watson.
Why did Huck lie to the two men in the skiff?
To protect Jim
Why did Huck dive deep into the water?
So that the steamboat would not hit him.

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