HUCKLEBERRY FINN Notes for Chapters 1-14 Flashcard Example #37629

Chapter 1
-Huck lives with the widow
-Runs away, Tom Sawyer brings him back
-Miss Watson and the widow tutor him
-Huck talks about how the money in the cave made them rich
-Kills the spider
-Runs off with Tom
Chapter 2
-Tom and Huck leave the house
-Jim hears them; falls asleep waiting for them
-Go to the cave; make Tom Sawyer’s group
-Become robbers; sign an oath in blood
-Go back home
Chapter 3
-Everyone quits the group
-They don’t rob or kill anyone
-Rob a Sunday school
-Tom Sawyer talks about genies
-Widow tells Huck about Providence
Chapter 4
-Huck knocks over a salt shaker; scared for his luck
-Sells his money to Judge Thatcher
-Jim tells him his future
Chapter 5
-Huck’s father comes back; demands Huck’s money and tells him to drop out of school
-Widow and Judge Thatcher try to get Huck away from his father
-New judge takes Huck’s dad in and makes him a new man
-Dad gets drunk, breaks his arm
Chapter 6
-Pap takes Huck across the Illinois border
-Live in a cabin; Huck has no way to escape
-Pap tries to kill Huck
Chapter 7
-Finds a canoe
-decides to finally run away
-leaves a trail so people will think he was killed
-takes everything from the cabin
-leaves in the canoe
-arrives @ Jackson Island
Chapter 8
-Huck finds Jim on the island
-Jim tells Huck how he ran away from Miss Watson
-Jim tells Huck about good luck and bad luck and how he used to be rich but lost all his money
Chapter 9
-find the cave
-Jim tells Huck about the ghost
-find the house floating in the water
-dead man
-take things from the house
Chapter 10
-Huck touches snake skin
-Leaves dead snake on Jim’s bed
-Snake’s mate bites Jim
-Jim sick for a few days; gets better
-Huck dresses up as a girl and goes to town
Chapter 11
-Huck goes to a woman’s house
-Pretends he’s a girl
-Woman tells him her husband is going to Jackson Island to look for Jim
-Realizes he’s not a girl
-helps him
-Huck goes back to the island; he and Jim leave
Chapter 12
-Huck and Jim leave the island
-find wrecked boat
-Huck learns that the people on the boat are murderers
-Huck and Jim’s raft floats away, trapped on the boat
Chapter 13
-get trapped on the wreck
-steal the skiff
-Huck tells the watchman about the murderers on the wreck
-Jim and Huck rest on an island
Chapter 14
-Huck and Jim hide
-Huck talks about kings
-Discuss Soloman and his “million wives”
-Argue about different languages

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