Irony Quotes in Othello (Act 1) Flashcard Example #65279

“Most grave Brabantio / In simple and pure soul I come to you” (I.i.120)
Verbal irony- Roderigo is seemingly respectful and innocent but intends to anger Brabantio
“Though in the trade of war… under the ribs” (I.ii.1-5)
Verbal irony- Iago’s stated reluctance to do harm and his actual relish of destruction is the discrepancy
“Whoe’er he be… stood in your action” (I.iii.78)
Dramatic irony- Duke and Brabantio= duke does not know the accused is Othello but audience does
“Rude am I in my speech…. I won his daughter-” (I.iii.95)
Situational irony- othello has been on the battlefield and not practicing speeches, yet his speech won the Duke and Senators
“A maiden never bold…to look on!” (I.iii.112)
Situational irony- (speaker= Brabantio) Desdemona is a shy, obedient girl yet boldly elopes with a man she knows her father would not approve her marrying
“So please your grace, my ancient; / A man he is of honesty and trust” (I.iii.321)
Dramatic Irony- Othello allows his “honest” ensign to accompany his new bride to Cyprus. Audience knows better

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