Jane Eyre 1-10 Flashcard Example #87657

Who was Jane Eyre written by?
Charlotte Bronte
When was the book originally published? And what was it originally published as?
In 1847 as Jane Eyre: An autobiography under the nom de plume of Currer Bell
Was Currer Bell a boy or girls name?
Why did Charlotte Bronte originally publish Jane Eyre under Currer Bell, a guys name?
Because she feared the reception of a female author would receive
Who was Charlotte Bronte’s famous sister?
Emily Bronte
What did Emily Bronte write?
Wuthering Heights
What genre is Jane Eyre?
What is Bildungsroman?
A coming of age tale
When would it be particularly accurate to characterize this novel as gothic?
When the story shifts to Thornfield
What does gothic mean?
Gloomy, dilapidated, supernatural
What is the weather at the beginning of the novel?
Cold and rainy day
How does the story open with Jane?
She is ten years old and orphaned
Where does Jane live?
Gateshead Hall
Who does Jane Eyre live with at Gateshead hall?
Her “family”, The reeds
How do the reeds treat Jane?
Why was Jane not allowed to join her cousins Eliza, John, and Georgiana in e drawing room?
Because Mrs. Reed contends that Jane does not have a social and childlike disposition
Mrs. Reed is particularly harsh to Jane, but who is her chief enemy who bullies and torments Jane?
John Reed
How often does John reed torment Jane?
“Not two or three times a week, nor once or twice a day, but continually.”
How does Jane hide away from her problems in the real world?
By reading
What does Jane read?
Bewick’s history of British Birds
Jane is reading about birds, what theme do we see here and why?
Escapism because birds can fly away from their problems
Who takes the book from Jane?
John reed
What does John reed tell Jane she is not permitted to do? Who does he say she is dependent upon?
She is not permitted to touch things that belong to him and that she is dependent upon the reeds.
What is Jane constantly reminded of by the reeds?
That she is not on the same level as them
Where is Jane taken after she defends herself to John reed?
The red room
What is the red room?
The creepy room where her uncle died
Who is Bessie?
The nurse
Who is Miss Abbot?
Mrs. Reeds maid
Who held down Jane until she calmed down?
Bessie and Miss Abbot
What does Jane think she sees in the red room?
When she sees a light moving on the wall she thinks it’s the ghost of mr. Reed
Why does Jane think the ghost of Mr. Reed is coming?
Because Jane is being mistreated so egregiously
What does Jane pass Our from? How does that affect her for the rest of her life?
Jane passes out from an anxiety attack of which she still feels the repercussions for the rest of her life
Who is in the room when Jane comes to?
Mr. Lloyd
Who is Mr. Lloyd?
An apothecary
What is an apothecary?
A pharmacist
Why does Jane have an apothecary when she is sick? What do the other reeds have when they are sick?
Mrs. Reed does not value Janes well-being enough to get a real physician. When the reed family is sick they get a real doctor
Who’s presence in the room has a calming effect to Jane? Why does she feel so secure with this person in the room?
Mr. Lloyd’s presence in the room has a calming effect on Jane. She feels security and protection because Mrs. Reed cannot treat her as cruelly with him around
How do we know Mrs. Reed knows how cruelly she treats Jane?
Because when she’s around other people she changes her behavior.
What does Mr. Lloyd suggest Jane do? How Jane see this as?
He suggests she attends a school, for Jane this would be “an entrance into a new life”
Who is Mr. Brocklehurst?
Head of the Lowood Instution
What is the Lowood institution?
A charity school for orphans
Mr. Brocklehurst comes to Gateshead and Questions Jane about what?
Is Mr. Brocklehurst happy with Janes answers?
What does Mrs. Reed tell Mr. Brocklehurst Jane has a tendency to do?
Deceit, lie
What does Jane finally do after Mr. Brocklehurst leaves?
She tells off Mrs. Reed “I will say the very thought of you makes me sick, and that you treated me with miserable cruelty.”
Additionally, Jane says that she will never call Mrs. Reed _________. And that she will never return to ____________.
Aunt, Gateshead
This story is about _______.
Who was Jane Eyres father?
A clergyman
Who was Charlotte Bronte’s father?
A clergyman
What did both of Jane’s parents die from?
What is the only reason Mrs. Reed is taking care of Jane?
Mr. Reed made her promise that she would care for Jane as one of the reeds children
When does Jane depart for Lowood?
Because it’s winter when Jane leaves we can expect harsh __________________.
Weather conditions
Who is Jane first greeted by when she arrives to Lowood?
Miss Miller
What does Miss Miller remark about Jane?
That she is quite young to be traveling such a great distance alone
What is Jane first fed?
Burnt, disgusting porridge
Jane is continuously fed bad meals but there is a really nice teacher, _______________, who orders a lunch of cheese and bread after learning of the girls getting inedible lunches.
Miss Temple
Who is Miss Temple?
The superintendent, head teacher
Who must MissTemple answer to?
Mr. Brocklehurst
Who is the complete opposite of Miss Temple? (Miss Temple is nice)
Miss Scatcherd
Miss Scatcherd is the ___________ teacher of them all.
Who does Miss Scatcherd constantly criticize and about what matter?
Hellen Burns for trivial matters
What word is Helen forced to wear across her forehead and why?
Slattern bc of her sloppiness
What is Janes solace in her early days at Lowood?
Why does Jane like play-hour so much? What theme is this?
She finds the chaos liberating (escapism)
What is a result of meager portions of food being fed to the girls in the winter?
The big older girls bully the little younger girls into giving up their food
When the girls return from an hourlong walk to mass on Sundays, the big girls do what that make the little girls very cold?
Pushes them out of the way of the fire
Who does Mr. Brocklehurst scold for showing kindness?
Miss Temple
Why doesn’t Mr. Brocklehurst want Miss Temple to be kind to the girls?
He doesn’t want to accustom the girls to luxury and indulgence
What does Mr. Brocklehurst say about Julia Severn’s hair? What does he order be done?
It is too red and curly and he orders that she gets buzz cut
Despite the harsh doctrine Mr. Brocklehurst preaches….
His family lives in great luxury
What happens when Jane drops her slate?
Mr. Brocklehurst tells the whole school Jane is a load as per warning of Mrs. Reed
What is Janes only comfort in this embarrassing moment?
Hellens smile
What does Hellen say to Jane to make her feel better?
“If all the world hated you, and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved you, and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends.”
Who clears Jane of the accusation by writing to Mr. Lloyd?
Miss Temple
What does Mr. Lloyd report?
That Mrs. Reed is the liar and Jane is innocent of the charges
After janes name is cleared, what dies she say?
“I would not now have exchanged Lowood with all its privations for Gateshead and its daily luxuries”
It is now May, but there is a ___________________ that transforms the school into a sick hospital.
Fog-bred pestilence
There is an outbreak of ________.
Why do 45/80 students get sick?
Semi-starvation and neglected colds
What does Helen die of?
Consumption/ TB
Who’s in bed with Helen when she dies?
What does Jane do 15 years later
What does Jane inscribe on Helens grave 15 years later? What does it mean?
Resurgam “I shall rise again!”

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