Jane Eyre Allusions Flashcard Example #23489

Bewick’s History of British Birds
A book that provides details of birds along with illustrations. Jane enjoys reading this to be away from the Reeds.
Nero and Caligula
Roman leaders known for their evil deeds; Jane compares them to John Reed.
Gulliver’s Travels
Jane requests Bessie to fetch this novel; develops satire about human nature.
Guy Fawkes
Abbot compares Jane to him. He attempted to blow up King James I and the House of Parliament. Jane’s status as an “ill-conditioned child.”
a Biblical city where the building of a tower is said to be halted by the confusion of multiple languages; Jane makes this reference to describe the confusion at Lowood.
An essay being read by Helen Burns; written by Samuel Johnson, it asserts that happiness is not always simple.
Bluebeard’s Castle
A fairytale in which a young wife has access to all the rooms in a castle except for the one that contains the bodies of her dead predecessors. Jane mentions this in connection to her lingering by a hallway in the attic.
A Celtic diety, Jane uses this name when she refers to Blanche’s appearance with this name.
Eliezer and Rebecca
Rochester and Blanche Ingram dress up as them during a game of charades. In Genesis, one of them, Abraham’s servant, is sent to find a bride for Abraham’s son, Isaac.
A book of Romantic poetry written by Sir Walter Scott that Jane is reading while St. John examines her drawings.
From a Greek myth, she is the mortal Gorgon who is decapitated by Perseus. A person would turn to stone if looking at her. This allusion is made in connection to Jane’s demeanor after she has learned that she is an heiress.
From Judges, he reveals to lover Drama that his hair (source of strength) has never been cut; she uses this secret against him to bring about his destruction. Jane knows she has at least some control over Edward.
King Ahasueru
Parisian bring in Esther who promises to give Esther what she wants, like Rochester promises Jane.

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