JANE EYRE Bertha Mason quotes Flashcard Example #44171

‘A fine woman, in the style of Blanche Ingram’
When he first married her she was like this. Highlights the contrast between Blanche, bertha and Jane.
‘Clothed hyena’
‘Snarling, snatching sound’
‘Like a tigress’
Animalistic imagery – her uncontrollable Beast like behaviour is stark contrast to Janes placidity
‘Stands so grave and quite at the mouth of hell’
Bertha is in complete contrast to Jane but they are both contrasts to the role model of women in the Victorian era.
‘Berth Mason is mad’
Commenting on the fact that in the Victorian era mental illness was shown as a bad thing that shunned families and would suggest corruption.
‘Discoloured face- … Savage face’
Grotesque imagery of Janes first opinion of Bertha
‘The vampyre’
‘She bit me’
‘She sucked the blood’
Gothic imagery, horrid description where Jane is instantly afraid of her

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