Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Flashcard Example #35167

Charlotte Bronte background
1. lived 1816-1855
2. born in England lived in church house
3. 6 siblings all well educated
4. due to v religious upbringing often wrote about religious hypocrisy
5. sent to clergy school with horrible conditions
1. common killer during Victorian era
2. destroys lungs
Jane Eyre book
1. orphan in 1800s England
2. mrs. Reed, her aunt agrees to raise her but not well; expects Jane to be grateful
3. when Jane stands up for herself, sends her away to Lowood
4. told in past from Jane’s pov
1. love vs independence
2. the role of religion in a person’s life
3. the effect of social class
4. a women’s right to equality
Gothic elements
1. imprisoned women
2. heroin who faces danger
3. remote landscape
4. supernatural elements
5. romantic reconciliation
Romantic elements
1. individual over society
2. believed humans were good
3. imagination over reason
4. nature inspiration
Bildungsroman elements
1. focuses on emotion and experience that develop a child into adulthood
2. five stages of Jane’s development
a) childhood at Gateshead
b) education at Lowood school
c) governess at Thornfield
d) time at Moor House with Rivers family
e) time at Ferndean
Byronic hero
characteristics are
b) proud
c) gloomy and moody
d) mysterious
e) passionate
f) often a rebel
example is mr. Rochester
why so innovative book
1. plain heroin
2. first heroin to act on strong emotions
3. v mentally developed heroin
main aspects
1. love
a) Jane constantly trying to find love
2. social class
a) Jane is constantly isolated because of her class
3. religion
a) Jane constantly feeling effects of other peoples religion on her
4. mother figures
a) didn’t have mother figure growing up
b) miss temple, mrs. Fairfax, rivers sisters
character foils
1. Jane Eyre and Blanche Ingram
2. Edward Rochester and St. John Rivers
3. Aunt Reed and Miss Temple
4. the Reed sisters and the Rivers sisters

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