Jane Eyre Chapters 1-15 Flashcard Example #31797

Chapter 1
Jane is kept separate from her cousins Eliza, John, Georgiana, and Mrs. Reed. She gets taken to the red room as a punishment for fighting back when attacked by her violent cousin John.
Chapter 2
Jane resists while being taken to the red room, then she claims she sees a ghost, and Mrs. Reed locks her in the room.
Chapter 3
Jane wakes up from a nightmare and is greeted by Mr. Lloyd, an apothecary, who is there to see if Jane is sane. He suggests that she go to school.
Chapter 4
Jane decides that she wants to get better because she knows she will be going to school soon if she is well. Mr. Brocklehurst, the owner of the school, comes to see Jane and Mrs. Reed tells him she is a bad child.
Chapter 5
Jane leaves for Lowood. While at Lowood she talks to a girl (heather burns) and learns about Lowood.
Chapter 6
The weather changed and they washed with freezing water. Helen got in trouble for having a messy drawer.
Chapter 7
Jane says her first quarter at Lowood was not the golden age, and how she was afraid to fail. Jane is punished and has to stand before her classmates and be called a liar.
Chapter 8
Jane is sad because she meant to be good at Lowood. Jane realizes she likes Gateshed better.
Chapter 9
She says the hardships of Lowood are lessening. Helen dies of fever. Her grave says I will rise again in latin.
Chapter 10
Jane is now a teacher at a newly improved Lowood. She decides to advertise to be a governess. Jane sees Bessie again and sets of for Thornfield.
Chapter 11
Jane gets to Milcote and there is no one to greet her. She gets to Thornfield and meets Ms. Fairfax and Adele and hears Grace Poole laughing.
Chapter 12
She has her second day at Thornfield and reflects. Jane helps Mr. Rochester when he falls off his horse.
Chapter 13
Jane and Adele have to leave the library because Mr Rochester has his agent and tenants at Thornfield. Ms. Fairfax tells Jane about Mr. Rochesters history and why he never stays at Thornfield.
Chapter 14
Jane doesn’t see Mr. Rochester a lot and neither does Adele. Mr. Rochester gives Adele a present and talks with Jane.
Chapter 15
Mr. Rochester explains Adeles mom to Jane. Jane saves Mr. Rochester from the fire.

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