Jane Eyre Character List Flashcard Example #1757

Jane Eyre
Protagonist, Intelligent, plain featured. Has to content with oppression, inequality and hardship. Prevails. Values intellectual and emotional fufilment
Edward Rochester
Jane’s employer, master at thornfield. Wealthy, passionate. Travelled Europe
St John Rivers
Minister at Morton. Jane’s benefactor. Cold, controlling. Foil to Rochester
Mrs Reed
Jane’s cruel aunt. Raises her at Gateshead Hall. Did not like Jane because her husband favoured her over his own children
Maid at Gateshead Hall. Only figure in Jane’s childhood that was regularly kind to her
Mr Lloyd
Jane’s apothecary, suggests jane go to school
Georgiana Reed
Jane’s beautiful cousin, cruel in childhood kind in later life. Confides in Jane
Eliza Reed
Jane’s cousin, goes to convert in France
John Reed
Jane’s cousin, extrmemly cruel to Jane in childhood. Drinks, mother refuses to pay debt anymore, suicide
Helen Burns
friend at school, passive dignity, miserable life, died of consumption in jane’s arms
Mr Brocklehurst
cruel master at Lowood school. Steals from school to support luxurious life, discredited
Miss Scratcherd
sour teacher at Lowood
Alice Fairfax
housekeeper at Thornfield Hall. Says laughter is Grace Poole
Bertha Mason
Mr Rochester’s wife. Madwoman locked in third floor of Thornfield. Burns house down and dies in flames
Grace Poole
Bertha Mason’s keeper. Gets drunk and allows her to escape
Celine Varens
French opera dancer, Mr Rochester had an affair
Adele Varens
Jane’s student at Thornfiels. Spoilt yet lively. Brought from France, Mr Rochester does not believe he is her father
Adele’s French nurse at Thornfield
Richard Mason
Bertha’s brother, tries to thwart Jane and Mr Rochester’s marriage
Blanche Ingram
beautiful socialite, wishes to marry Mr Rochester for his money
Diana Rivers
St John sister, jane’s cousin. model of independence and intellect
Mary Rivers
St John Sister, model for jane. Forced to be a governess
Rosamond Oliver
gives money to school in Morton jane works at. In love with st john
John Eyre
Jane’s uncle, inheritance of ?20,000
Uncle Reed
Late husband to mrs reed. Makes mrs reed promise to raise jane as if she were her own child.

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