Jane Eyre Character List Flashcard Example #75167

Jane Eyre (Gateshead)
orphaned girl; She is punished often by her aunt, and is locked in a Red Room as a result. She is scared of her uncle’s spirit.
Edward Fairfax Rochester
strong-willed second son of wealthy landowner, is tricked into marrying an insane woman whom he barely knows. He wishes to marry Jane, but would then commit bigamy
Mrs. Fairfax
housekeeper at Thornfield, discourages Rochester and Jane’s marriage, but generous and kind
Blanche Ingram
Fashionable, beautiful, haughty and shallow daughter of Lady Ingram; she uses her polish and glamour to lure Rochester toward a marriage proposal
Mrs. Reed
mean-spirited widow of Jane’s uncle who torments Jane’s early years by spoiling her own 3 children while downgrading and punishing Jane at every opportunity
John Reed
14 year old at Gateshead who menaces and bullies Jane at every opportunity; he is adored and spoiled by Mrs. Reed. At age of 23, he dies and is rumored to have killed himself
Eliza Reed
Older daughter of Reed household. When Mrs. Reed is on her deathbed, she ignores her mother coldly.
Georgiana Reed
The vain, beautiful daughter of the Reed family; Jane is often compared to her by the Reeds. She is blue-eyed and very good looking
Helen Burns
14 year old orphan at Lowood. She befriends Jane at school, but suffers constant punishment from Miss Scatcherd. She dies from the disease outbreak at Lowood.
Bessie Lee
Servant at Gateshead, who treats Jane nicely. At Lowood, she visits Jane and she ends up marrying Robert Leaven
Miss Abbot
Servant at Gateshead who parrots Sarah Reed’s criticisms and helps Bessie with Jane in the Red Room
Mr. Lloyd
Apothecary who treats Jane at Gateshead, listens to her, and decides she should go to school
Mr. Brocklehurst
Hypocritical founder of Lowood school; he interviews Jane at Gateshead. He publicly labels her as a liar and hates children
Miss Temple
Music teacher at Lowood; she becomes Jane’s idol and Jane finds a friend in her. She marries Reverend Mr. Nasmyth and leaves Lowood
Bertha Antoinetta Mason Rochester
Only daughter of wealthy West Indies planter, she is insane and marries Rochester. After 4 years of marriage, Rochester takes her to England, and locks her up at Thornfield under the care of Grace Poole.
Richard Mason
Bertha’s brother and when he visits Thornfield, he is stabbed by his sister. He also stops Rochester and Jane’s marriage
Grace Poole
Cares for Bertha, and it is often her fault that Bertha sneaks out and harms the residents
St. John Rivers
Cold minister of the parish Morton. He rescues Jane from starvation and poverty. Later he attempts to force Jane into marriage and serve as his missionary assistant in India
Mary Ann Wilson
Jane’s shrewd and witty schoolmate at Lowood
Miss Scatcherd
Mean history and grammar teacher at Lowood. She constantly punishes Helen Burns
young French girl, who Jane Eyre is governess to
Diana ; Mary Rivers
St. John’s sisters and Jane’s cousins, Diana and Mary are exemplars of accomplished, benevolent, and intellectual women working as governesses
Mr. Rochester (end of book)
Jane’s true love. Following the death of his mad wife, loss of home from fire, and amputation of his left hands and blindness, he is united with Jane and marries her, and they have a son.
Jane Eyre (Lowood)
young orphan, who is sent to Lowood. She is accused of being a liar. She befriends Helen Burns and finds a role model in Miss Temple. Once old enough she leaves Lowood, and goes to Thornfield
Jane Eyre (Thornfield)
young woman from Lowood, who comes to Thornfield to become a governess for Adele. She ends up falling in love with Rochester, but their marriage is disrupted because he is already married
Jane Elliot (Moor House)
young woman, who ran away from Thornfield. She goes into Moor House as a beggar and becomes a teacher. She refuses the marriage proposal from St. John and ends up back with Rochester by the end of the book

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