Jane Eyre Characters Flashcard Example #8724

Miss Abbot
The maid at Gateshead
Mr. Briggs
The attorney of Jane’s Uncle who helps Mr. Mason prevent Jane’s wedding to Rochester and ultimately informs her of her inheritance.
Mr. Brocklehurst
The ‘treasurer and manager’ of the Lowood School who hypocritically preaches Christian beliefs while providing poor living conditions for the students.
Helen Burns
Jane’s friend at Lowood School who submits to cruelty from her teacher.
She is at peace with the thought of going to heaven, and she dies of consumption.
Jane Eyre
The orphaned protagonist and narrator of the novel. She is ten years old when the story begins, and she grows up to become an educated, independent woman.
John Eyre
Jane’s uncle who leaves her an inheritance of 20,000 pounds.
Blanche Ingram
The beautiful socialite who hopes to marry Rochester to secure her position in society.
The nurse at Gateshead, described as a ‘slim young woman with a hasty temper’ who shows Jane kindness. She eventually marries Robert Leaven, the Reed family coachman.
Mr. Lloyd
The apothecary for the Reed family who was called in when the ‘servants were ailing’. He later validates Jane’s difficulties while living with her aunt and indirectly helps Jane’s situation at Lowood.
Bertha Mason
Rochester’s secret wife, ultimately revealed as the insane woman in the attic.
Richard Mason
Bertha’s brother who foiled Jane’s marriage to Rochester.
Rosamond Oliver
St. John’s original love interest, who went on to marry Mr. Granby, ‘one of the best connected and estimable’ men.
Grace Poole
Bertha’s caregiver whose drunkenness often enables Bertha to escape.
Eliza Reed
Mrs. Reed’s daughter and Jane’s cousin, described as ‘headstrong and selfish’. After her mother’s death, she enters a convent in France.
Georgiana Reed
Mrs. Reed’s daughter and Jane’s cousin, described as ‘a very acrid sprite’. With pink cheeks and golden curls, she was the beauty in the family. She is kinder to Jane when Mrs. Reed dies, and she ultimately marries a wealthy man.
John Reed
Mrs. Reed’s son and Jane’s cousin who regularly ‘bullied and punished’ her. He grew up to become a drunken gambler, and he committed suicide when his mother refused to pay his debts.
Mrs. Sarah Reed
Jane’s aunt who is described as a woman with ‘robust frame, square-shouldered and strong-limbed’. She resents Jane’s presence in her home at Gateshead, partially due to her jealousy of the love her husband had for Jane. She sends Jane away to the Lowood School, and later tries to prevent Jane from receiving an inheritance. Before she dies, she is forgiven by Jane.
Uncle Reed
The brother of Jane’s mother who took her in upon her parents’ death.
Diana Rivers
Jane’s attractive cousin whom she meets at Moor House; she ultimately supports Jane’s decision not to marry St. John. She goes on to marry a navy captain and sees Jane every year.
Mary Rivers
Jane’s cousin. They meet at Moor House; Jane instructs her in art. She marries a clergyman and sees Jane every year.
St. John Rivers
Jane’s cousin who takes her in at Moor House and eventually proposes to her. Jane rejects him and observes his sense of detachment, despite his religious fervor.
Edward Rochester
Jane’s brooding employer and the owner of Thornfield with whom she ultimately falls in love.
Miss Scatcherd
A harsh instructor at Lowood School who targets Helen Burns with her cruelty.
Miss Smith
The red-cheeked sewing instructor at Lowood.
The nurse who takes care of Adele at Thornfield.
Miss Temple
The superintendent of Lowood School. Described as ‘tall, fair, and shapely’ and being ‘full of goodness’, she is a kind and sympathetic presence at Lowood. She becomes Jane’s friend after Jane grows up and becomes an instructor, and when Miss Temple marries and leaves the school, Jane decides to seek a life beyond Lowood.
Adele Varens
Mr. Rochester’s ward, the little girl who was the daughter of Mr. Rochester’s mistress, Celine, and for whom Jane is hired to be a governess. She was described as a ‘lively child, who had been spoilt and indulged,’ but she became a good student who was ‘obedient and teachable’.
Celine Varens
A French opera dancer for whom Rochester once felt a ‘grande passion’. They broke up after Rochester realized that she was interested only in his money. She abandoned her daughter, Adele.

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