Jane Eyre Characters Flashcard Example #88778

Jane Eyre
The young protagonist in Jane Eyre. Jane spends time at 5 settings at Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield, Moor House, and Ferndean.
Edward Rochester
Her master and employer at Thornfield. Jane met him when she “caused” him to fall off his horse and sprain his ankle. Edward pursued her romantically in the book, but she refused to marry him because of Bertha. Keeps Bertha a secret throughout book.
St. John Rivers
minister at Morton; cold and reserved; wants to marry Jane and go to India
first antagonist in book; Jane’s cruel aunt; hated Jane because her husband loved her more than his own children
Bessie Lee
maid at Gateshead, only nice person to her; married coachman
apothecary at Gateshead, suggests Jane be sent away to school
Georgiana Reed
the beautiful sister;planned to marry Lord Edwin Vere; married a rich man after her mom’s death
Eliza Reed
goes to a convent in France and becomes Mother Superior
John Reed
Jane’s cousin; treated her terribly as a child; grew up to a life of gambling and constantly being in debt; committed suicide after Mrs.Reed wouldn’t bail him out
Helen Burns
Jane’s dear friend at Lowood; died at Lowood
the cruel antagonist at Lowood;spent money for the Lowood school on himself;
Maria Temple
Jane’s favorite teacher at Lowood;big influence in Jane’s childhood; marries and Leaves lowood
cruel teacher at Lowood; torments Helen Burns the most
Grace Poole
the care keeper at Thornfield for Bertha; accidentally lets Bertha escape a few times after getting too drunk
Adele Varens
Celine’s daughter; allegedly Rochester’s daughter; speaks French; takes her in after her mom abandons her
Celine Varens
Rochester’s old mistress; broke off the relationship after finding out she was unfaithful and only wanted money
Richard Mason
Bertha’s brother, Bertha bites her after he trys to visit her
attorney; helps Richard stop wedding; searches for Jane to give her her inheritance
Blanche Ingram
beautiful socialite;once engaged to Rochester; only wanted his money
Diana Rivers
cousin she meets at Moor House; tells Jane not to go to India; Jane gives her part of her inheritance
Mary Rivers
Jane’s cousin; Jane gives her part of her inheritance
Roasmond Oliver
gives money to the school where Jane works; in love with St.John but marries Mr. Grange(wealthy man)
John Eyre
Jane’s uncle, leaves her 20,000 pounds
Uncle Reed
Jane’s uncle; Jane thought she saw him in red-room; made Aunt Reed promise to raise Jane as her own child

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