Jane Eyre Delaney Test- All Chapters Flashcard Example #79149

Who is Jane’s friend that dies at Lowood?
Helen Burns
Who is Rochester’s secret wife?
Bertha Antoinetta Mason (Rochester)
In order, where did Jane Eyre live?
Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield, Moor House
What are the names of Jane Eyre’s cousins (Reeds)?
Eliza, Georgiana, and John Reed
Who is the second man Jane almost marries?
St. John Rivers
Who interrupts Jane and Rochester’s wedding?
Richard Mason and Mr. Briggs
What do Jane’s parents die from?
Who suggests Jane should go to Lowood?
Dr. Lloyd
Who is Jane’s favorite teacher at Lowood?
Miss Temple
How many years is Jane at Lowood? What does she do there?
8, 6 as a student/pupil and 2 as a teacher
What does Helen Burns die from?
What religion does Helen preach to Jane?
What are the conditions at Lowood?
The first time Jane and Rochester meet he is riding a…?
What is the name of Rochester’s dog?
Who does Jane teach as a governess?
Adele Varens
How did Rochester end up taking Adele in?
He had a relationship with her mother, Celine Varens, and she said Rochester was Adele’s father.
What does Bertha destroy of Jane’s?
Her wedding veil
What happens to Thornfield Hall?
Bertha sets Jane’s bed on fire, but she wasn’t there, so it spread throughout the house. The house burnt to the ground and everything was destroyed.
What happens to Rochester in the fire?
A beam falls which lead him to go blind and lose his hand?
How many years did Rochester get his sight back, after they got married?
2 years later
What happened to Bertha in the fire?
She died when she jumped off of the roof at Thornfield.
Who is Mr. Brocklehurst?
He is the headmaster at Lowood School for Girls
Where does Mrs. Reed lock Jane after she beats up John Reed?
The red room.
Who is Jane’s “servant” at Gateshead?
Who is the housemaid at Thornfield Hall?
Mrs. Fairfax
Where does St. John want Jane to go with him?
India as a missionary.
Did Mrs. Reed die in peace with Jane?
Who are St. John’s sisters?
Mary and Diana
What did Bronte die from?

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