Jane Eyre English Test, Chapters 1-20 Flashcard Example #74512

what two colors does Jane predominately wear?
black and grey
Who gave Jane a pearl ornament as a parting gift??
Miss Temple
How much does Jane get paid a year as Adele’s governess??
30 pounds.
WHat is the name of Adele’s mother??
Celine Varens.
What relationship does Celine Varens have with Edward Rochester??
She is his mistress, but then Mr. Rochester discovers that she’s been cheating on him with another officer, or a vicomte.
What was the occupation of Adele’s mother?
she was an opera singer and a dancer.
Who saved Edward Rochester’s life when his sheets caught on fire?
Jane Eyre.
Who does Jane think set Edward Rochester’s bed on fire?
Grace Poole
What two characters does Jane draw a portrait of at the end of chapter 16??
Blanche Ingram and herself.
At Lowood, when Ms. Scatcherd reprimands Helen, why did she, Helen, not clean her nails?
The water was frozen.
How far did the girls have to walk to church on a cold Sunday morning??
2 miles.
Who offered the students encouragement to the girls on their long walk home late on Sunday afternoon?
Miss Temple
What’s the name of the church the girls attended on Sunday?
Brockleridge Church.
What does Jane do that attracts the attention of Mr. Brocklehurst when he visits Lowood?
She drops her slate and it breaks as it falls to the ground.
Who took Jane and Helen to her room for tea and cake?
Miss Temple.
What’s the name of the woman who works in the kitchen and is ‘made of equal parts of whalebone and iron?’
Miss Harden.
What concerns does Miss Temple have for Helen Burns?
Her cough.
Whom did Miss Temple write to in order to clear Jane’s name regarding the accusation made by Mr. Brocklehurst?
Mr. Lloyd
What is the name of the dog in the story that belongs to Mr. Rochester?
What’s the name of the black horse Mr. Rochester rides?
How far is Thornfield from Millcote?
6 miles.
How far is Mr. Eshton’s place from Millcote?
10 miles.
Who is the surgeon that treats Mr. Rochester after his fall on the ice and Richard Mason’s ‘accident?’
Mr. Carter
What are Mrs. Eshton’s two daughters names?
Amy and Louisa?
Who’s the older one of Mrs. Eshton’s two daughters?
Naive, child like, piquant. Which sister does this describe?*
Amy, the eldest.
Taller, and more elegant with a pretty face. *
Louisa, the younger of the two.
large, stout, forty, haughty, erect, and showy.*
Lady Lynn. Married to Sir George Lynn.
Lady like, gentle.*
Mrs. Colonel Dent.
Who are the most important women at the party?
Dowager Lady Ingram, Blanche Ingram, and Mary Ingram.
Who does Dowager Lady Ingram remind Jane of?
Mrs. Reed.
Who are Lady Lynn’s sons?
Henry and Frederick Lynn.
Who is Lord Ingram?
son of Dowager Lady Ingram, tall and handsome, but like Mary’s look.
When does ‘snack time’ conclude at Lowood?
exactly 5 o’clock.
What is Richard Mason’s nickname?
Dick Mason.
When does the novel start? (month)
in November.
How many years have passed from Lowood to Thornfield?
8 years.
What month does Jane head to Millcote? And what time?
October, 4 o’ clock AM.
What time does Jane arrive at Millcote?
8 o’clock PM.
Who is Bessie married to? What’s his position at Gateshead?
Robert Leaven. The coachman.
How many kids does Bessie have?
What are Bessie’s kids names?
Bobby and Jane.
Who is the family member that Jane is related to from?
How much did Jane make at Lowood?
15 pounds.
How far is it from Gateshead to Lowood? How long?
One day, or 50 miles.

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