Jane Eyre Final Review Flashcard Example #12653

What are some themes in the novel?
1) Quest for family (inclusion)
2) Social Class
3) Religion vs. Spirituality
4) Supernatural
5) Gender Roles
6) Deception
7) Independence
What are some illusions in the novel?
1) “Fair is foul and foul is fair” – Mrs. Fairfax (Macbeetthh)
2) “Help! Help! Help!” “-It’s just a rehearsal for Much Ado About Nothing” – Mr. Rochester
What are some symbols in the book?
1) Fire & Ice
2) Hands
3) Birds
Allusions in the novel?
Anything that is biblical, historical, mythical or part of literature etc. So like…a good half of the book guys.
Gothic themes/instances
1) Hallway: Bluebeard legend (Chapter 16)
2) Ghosts ooohhhh~
3) Gytrash (The thing that transforms into a horse or dog from Bessie’s stories)
4) Grace Poole (the girl who looks after insane Bertha and is a bit…unstable herself, lives in Thornfield manner)
Byronic Hero
An anti-hero, someone who is kind of moody, wounded by women find them irresistible, charming and mysterious, Rochester is this novel’s Byronic Hero
5 Locations you NEED to know
Gateshead: Jane’s very horrible childhood.
Lowood: Jane’s very horrible pubescent years in school
Thornfield: Jane’s not so horrible adult life until Rochester goofed up the wedding.
Marshes End: Jane’s horrible family with St. John where she was almost a victim of incest. How wonderful…
Ferndean: Jane’s finally wonderful place where she had a family with Rochester and all that happy Victorian Era happy ending stuff yay. throws confetti
Instances with Fire?
Red Room: Battlefield, goes there due to her ‘fiery’ attitude
Mrs. Reed: Need I explain? She fans Jane’s flame. bum dum tis
Gypsy: That whole romantic scene, also wore a red cape
Thornfield: Bed was on fire, double illumination, good place.
Tree: Blasted in half/split in half by lightning
Mr Rochester: Comes to the fire
Lowood: LACKED in fire, no fire. Very cold, much desolate, many death. Wow.
Ignus Fatuus: Light in the Moor house that saved her, her beacon in the storm.
Bertha: Blows out jane’s candle. Destroys her wedding veil.
Mrs. Abbot: “Do you want something to fetch you from the fire???” First Red Room scene.
Coming of Age instances
Gateshead: Battle, vengeance, defends herself against Master John
Lowood: Lots of growth due to Helen, wents to rebel but Helen helps her calm her shit, learns how to endure.
Applied to Thornfield: Feminist, helps Rochester when he falls off his horse, she’s tiny af man but she lifts this fully grown man, you go girl!
Fire bed: Reaches INTO THE FIRE and pulls Rochester out. Jane is metal as hell. (ahah more fire, hell…hehe)
Fairy Tales
Cinderella: Reed family, Prince, Gypsy saying they had to see one more person just like in Cinderella, rags to riches (Gateshead to Thornfield), Mr. Brocklehurst treating her like a servant
Red Riding Hood: Rochester with his red cape, Brocklehurst and his judgement of her.
Bluebeard: Dead wife behind a locked door, Bertha is dead to Rochester even if she is still alive.
Fairies: “My little fairy”, fairies whispering to Jane etc.
Beauty and the Beast: Falls for Rochester even though he’s not the most attractive
Bible: Pluck eye thing, cut hand thing, Adam’s rib, Samson, Eden (proposal)
Summary of Chapter 1
Book opens, it’s raining because Jane is sad. And the rain means sad. It’s just sad. Jane is a servant basically and not treated well at all. She is shunned so she has a little hiding place to call her own where she reads about faraway lands on the sea. Why? She wants to get away from her house because everyone in there abuses her and causes her harm. She is called a slave, she is to refer as John Reed as “Master Reed” (He is disgusting) and she reads a lot and daydreams just like Cinderella. So John is a jerk and starts to beat her again and she reacts with apathy at first, and I think that’s justified. When one is abused for so long the mind comes to a numb apathy about the situation. You begin to not care and just want to get it over with, like a chore. She only reacts passionately, and justifiably, when the book she was reading was thrown at her. She’s then taken to the Red Room because everyone freaking sucks. 0 She stood up for herself for once and defended herself by hitting him, she was passionate about reading and he was damaging the ONE happiness she had. So she flipped out and gave that man what he deserved. A good whoopin. She called him a murderer perfect. But of course Jane gets blamed for freaking defending herself against her abuser. Ugh I hate the 1800’s.
Chapter 2 Summary
So she’s in the Red Room right? She has two servants literally drag her up there. Bessie is nice and wants to care for her Jane while keeping her job. But Mrs. Abbot is mean and says Jane will go to hell like wow what a freaking charmer -.- Jane dreads the Red Room because it is the place were her Uncle Reed died so she feels weird being in a room where someone has died. It is also very quiet and eerie. Not to mention they had the WAKE IN THE ROOM so more dead people yay. She gets scared and looks in the mirror and says she looks half-fairy half-imp and she sees herself as nothing and feels like she serves no purpose at the household and she doesn’t belong. She always gets blamed for everything,she believes her uncle would have stood up for her if he was alive. Her only attack on Mrs. Reed’s abuse is “What would Mr. Reed say?” Because his dying wish was to have Jane taken care of properly. Her family married into the Reeds and the Eyre’s weren’t very wealthy at the time, her mother married Mrs. Reed’s brother. While in the Red Room she feels comforted for a moment because she sees the ghost of Mr. Reed, but it’s actually a reflection of a lantern from the mirror on the wall (phht) but then she faints and passes out. The Red Room has colors of fire everywhere. It’s literally red.
Chapter 3 summary
So Jane wakes up in her bed and Bessie is there like “Oooh Jane oooh Jane” and Jane is like “I saw a ghost!!” And Bessie is like “YEah you did!” and she said she saw something pass her, dressed in all white and it vanished. A great black dog was behind him and there were three loud raps on the chamber door, then a light in the churchyard appeared over his grave. Then a doctor called Mr. Lloyd comes and checks on her and asks her about her living conditions which she confesses sucks and then he tells Mrs. Reed to send her off to a school and leave and Jane is sad. Why? Beause Mr. Lloyed was nice and she wants to leave so much but she has no-one but Bessie and even she can’t do much because she can’t risk her job. Bessie mentions she has some poor family members she could live with and Jane is like “Ew no.” because she does not see how poor people could be kind when they live in a life of misery. She lies the idea of going to school much better which is ironic because the conditions there are not good and there are strict rules and horrible punishments but it’s not Gateshead so she’d rather be there instead. While eavesdropping on the servants one night she hears about who her parents were and how they died.
Chapter 4 Summary
Jane feels a strong affection towards her doll and Bessie. Why? Because she thinks humans deserve to love something so she chooses to love her dolls and bessie since she doesn’t like anyone else in the Reed household. Mr. Brocklehurst represents the fairy tale character Bluebeard. Jane talks about how she likes to read Revelations, David, Kings, Exocuds, and Jobe in the bible. Brocklehurst gives her a child’s guide because he thinks she’s dumb. Mrs. Reed then accues her of being a liar and that she is a naughty little girl. Which is ironic because she never lies, and she is only seen as naughty because she defends herself from the abuse. Jane then freaking snaps and yells at her! She says she hates Mrs. Reed and that she is glad they are not related ooooh burn. She gets new clothes that are plain, brown and boring for school.
Chapter 5 Summary
She says goodbye to ONLY Bessie when she leaves and when she arrives at the school it is rainy, cold and dark. Lowood is strict, much more religious and everyone seems to move on silent commands and wake up before dawn. Miss Temple is a teacher and she is kind and loving, a good symbol. Jane thinks she’s going to a better place but Lowood is actually worse than Gateshead but she’d rather be abused then go live in a poor place with her family…alrighty then.
Chapter 6 Summary
Helen Burns is a nice girl which is ironic because with her name you’d think she’s a horrible person but she’s not and she’s obviously not going to hell. She’s abused by Miss Scatcherd.
Chatper 7 Summary
It’s funny b/c Mr. Brocklehurst claims to be religious but he’s totally hypocritical while Helen is humble and very passive and doesn’t do the violence thing and is very nice. Mr. Brocklehurst knows of his hypocrisy. It’s not hard to see that you’re making others suffer by taking all the money. He has all the power though so he knows he can use it to his advantage in any way. Helen is literally too precious for this world though and gives Jane advice to endure the hell that is Lowood.
Chapter 8 Summary
When Jane is accused of being a liar in front of the whole school she thinks everyone hates her but Helen assures her that the other girls pity her. Jane and Helen become friends and talk about love, Jane can’t live without earthly love while Helen can. She thinks it’s superficial to an extent, only God can give true love. Jane loves Miss Temple, she is so nice to her and is a very positive influence on her. When Miss Temple assures everyone and the administration of Jane’s honesty it makes her work harder, she’s more confident now that her name has been cleared. I think her reaction is natural because now she has a reason to try, a new breath of fresh air.
Chapter 9 Summary
Oh no is Spring and Typhus is comin through, killin everyone oh yay. ON THE UPSIDE there is more food for the healthy girls and more free time outside! 😀 YAY.
Helen dies. She is too good for this earth.
Chapter 10 Summary
Mr. Brocklehurst has been fired for abuse and life is better there, Miss Temple got married and moved away, Jane feels trapped at Lowood while Miss Temple was able to be free. But She has matured and grown out of Lowood, she is ready to move on. Bessie comes to see her and updates her on “Master John” who is a drunkard who has been kicked out of law school and is sending the family into bankruptcy, Mrs. Reed is going senile hahah. Jane’s uncle also came looking for her but he was in a hurry so he just left.
Chapter 11 Summary
She’s older and leaves Lowood to go and work as a governess at Thornfield. The house is dark, it’s very old, the reference to Blubeard’s castle door. Mrs. Fairfax helps her get settled and doesn’t patronize her on anything and simply just gives her the information she needs for her job. Adele is Rochester’s ward and she is sweet and a lot like herself in the aspect that Adele too is an orphan since her mother died. Third floor of the manor is long and dark, there’s only one window at the end of the hall, and Jane hears a weird laughing whenever she goes up there. Mrs. Fairfax tells Jane about Rochester and says that he is an eccentric man whose family has a history of extreme and violent behavior. There’s some demonic laughter and Jane is like “Da fuq is that?” And Mrs. Fairfax gives a lame explanation and Jane is like “Alright.”
Chapter 12 Summary
Jane loves it at Thornfield and thinks life is rather pleasant there~ Jane is a feminist and thinks women are equal to men and that they can do whatever men can do. The laughter keeps happening man that’s some spooky stuff Jane doesn’t like that. Jane goes on a walk one night and sees a horse and it’s rider approaching and she’s scared as heckie at first because OH NOT IT’S THAT ONE MONSTER FORM BESSIE’S STORY but then she sees a human and is like “Oh thank god”. The rider falls off and Jane is like “Aw shit man” and then it’s ROCHESTER OMG. So he asks her for help and it might show he needs her support in the future and it also shows he trusts her. He’s very aloof and mysterious ooohhhhhh.
Chapter 13 Summary
Mr. Carter is Rochester’s surgeon/doctor. He heals him and gets his sprained ankle all done up whoo. Rochester gets a little tipsy and Jane doesn’t like it she’s too used to his rudeness because men being nice to her? Whatttt? Rochester doesn’t find her completely attractive either. He has some imagination ooh he might be a book nerd like her~ He gives her the gift of a compliment. Jane paints, the paintings show her longing to be free etc. Rochester is impressed with her but he won’t say it. Edward Rochester is his full name, had family troubles.
Chapter 14 Summary
Rochester is drunk again whoo and Jane is like “You’re not that attractive” and he feigns hurt but just kinda chuckles. He’s drunk…he looves Jane’s innocence and even envies it because she knows how to look at the world in a more pure and innocent way compared to him, she can read and imagine things easier than him, he wants that child-like trait. He treats people rudely because he’s older, he’s wealthy, so he uses that as an excuse to “get rid” of his guilt by snapping at people. Rochester compares Jane to a caged bird because all her life Jane has just wanted to be free, she hasn’t had the chance to really do what she wants. Even now she is not a true governess like she wants to be. Rochester by the end of this chapter might have some feelings for her OoOoOoOoh~
Chapter 15 Summary
Rochester had a long affair with Adele’s mother, when he discovered she was cheating on him he ended the relationship. Celine abandoned her child, claiming Adele to be his, but Rochester doesn’t believe it. Either way though he cares for Adele and has taken her under his wing as his ward. Rochester kind of hates Thornfield, he was an outcast in the family like Jane so the only reason he got the big house was because his brother died, he really didn’t do anything to earn it like his father did. He is lonely and needs some cuddles man, he just really needs to chill and let Jane coddle him a bit and pet his hair and whisper “Shhhhh bby it’s gonna be okay”. Jane liiikeeess him~ But she doesn’t think he likes her back. Jane that night hears Grace Poole’s laughter again and goes into the room and BOOM HIS BED IS ON FIRE AND SHE SAVES HIM and Rochester’s reaction towards the fire is weird. He seems very indifferent about it, he simply thanks Jane for saving his life and tells her not to disclose the information of the fire to anyone else. Rochester is hinted to love Jane at the end of this chapter.
Chapter 16 Summary
Jane is confused as to why Grace Poole is still allowed to work at Thornfield after attempting murder. Rochester leaves Thornfield after the fire to clear his head and just relax a bit, I mean…he was almost burnt alive. I’d wanna get away for a few days too. Jane is sad because Rochester is gone and she lOoOoOoOoves him~ Rochester had talked about Blanche Ingram by this point and she feels inferior to her and paints portraits of herself and Blanche Ingram. Why? 0 She wants to remind herself she is not beautiful, in fact she is rather plain compared to Blanche Ingram who is in fact gorgeous.
Chapter 17 Summary
When all the rich people come back with Rochester Jane sits in the window like she would at Gateshead, secluded from everyone else because she feels like she doesn’t fit in. Jane describes Blanche Ingram to the reader with a bunch of negative things which turn out to be true later on (Stubborn, prudish, etc.). The rich people at the small party, especially the Ingram family. 0 The mother is mean like the step-mother, and she has two daughters that resemble the same attitudes of the daughters in Cinderella. By this point Jane is love with Rochester, she knows it and is willing to admit to herself by this point. Or she at least is very fond of his company. Blanche describes Jane as “–an ugly woman is a blot on the fair face of creation.” Because Jane is described as very plain looking, not the most beautiful woman one will ever see. She feels as if Blanche is directing that statement directly to her. Jane is NOT jealous of Blanche Ingram, she accepts that she loves Rochester but will love him from afar. Rochester follows Jane around and asks her what is wrong, and she says nothing of course and he tries to talk to her and see what is actually wrong. When Jane tries to leave he stops her, but poor Jane is about to cry and he can see that so he lets her go, saying “Good night my-” before closing his mouth. I think Rochester loves our little Jane~
Chapter 18 Summary
They’re playing charades and Rochester and Ingram are acting out a marriage ooooooh. Rochester plays with Blanche and they seem to play well together and get along in a professional sense. Jane feels a bit sad, she is now sure that Rochester and Blanche Ingram are going to get married. Blanche Ingram is rude but beautiful. Jane doesn’t judge Rochester as cruelty anymore, she understands why he does certain things and why he acts the way he does so she feels more close to him. It comes to light that Rochester went to the West Indies. It proves his ‘mysterious’ nature more, he has a lot to hide so he doesn’t let a lot of things slip out. It’s significant because it portrays more of the Byronic Hero in him. A gypsy comes and everyone gets their fortunes read and when Blanche Ingram comes out she looks very disappointed when she comes out, probably because she was told she wasn’t going to marry Rochester haha.
Chapter 19 Summary
The gypsy like…interrogates Jane and she knew something was fishy, the gypsy was not acting normal. The gypsy says ‘she’ sees determination and pride, independence too in her facial features. It is revealed that Rochester is the gypsy OH MY. Then it is said that Mr. Mason is here and Rochester flips and he’s stressed and filled with anxiety and worry. Jane offers Rochester her shoulder and arm and Rochester is like “oh yes gimme dat sexy shoulder” Jane states she’d give her life for Rochester. Rochester is like “Stand by me Jane! Defy society!” And she’s like alright. Why? Because he is testing her loyalty and whether she truly cares about him or not. It means he LOVES HER. THIS SHIP HAS SAILED.
Chapter 20 Summary
Mr. Mason was stabbed! Hmm….Rochester mentioned he had to go take care of something before he had been stabbed, suussppiiicciiioouuuuusssss. He kept the attack quiet because he doesn’t want people asking questions because BERTHA ATTACKED HIM (spoiler alert lol). Mr. Mason probably has some dirt on Mr. Rochester so Rochester knows he needs to be careful lest his reputation, wealth, and life be ruined. The next morning Jane and Rochester are walking and talking, It is a bit chilly but otherwise nice, just like them. The mystery chilling but the friendship still alright. Rochester says that Jane is his cure for his horrible past. He talks about a “gentle, gracious, genial stranger” who has brought him happiness. And it’s obviously Jane since Rochester knows nothing about her really personally, but Jane thinks is Ingram. Because you know…she’s hot. Jane is worried she is losing track of her true self, she’s in love with Rochester and that’s why.
Chapter 21 Summary
Jane dreams of infants which is BAD. This means something bad is going to happen, that bad thing being John’s death and Mrs. Reed’s stroke. She has to leave and is like “ooh no” and Rochester promises to find her a new job and stuff like that when his “wife” moves in with him. So she goes home and stuff right? And she sees her cousins and Eiliza is very plain and tall, she is a nun and is planning to join a convent, Georgiana is beautiful and plump, like a model and is still as sassy as ever. Mrs. Reed still hates her but still sent for Jane to come home???? Why might you ask? Because she also sent a letter to Uncle John Eyre saying that Jane was dead just to spite her So she can tell her of the heritage she inherited that Mrs. Reed purposely never gave her, God I hate her I’m glad she dies. Jane somehow is able to forgive Mrs. Reed before she dies.
Chapter 22 Summary
Rochester calls Jane an elf/fairy because she disobeyed his orders and stayed at Gateshead a month instead of a week like she had promised Rochester at first. Jane then tells Rochester how happy his presence makes her, and that wherever he is, is her home. Rochester asks Jane what she thinks of the new carriage he bought, he really wants her opinion and is delighted when she likes it. A master wouldn’t ask his servant if they liked a carriage for their wife. HE’S GONNA PROPOSE OOHHHHH
Chapter 23 Summary
So Rochester says he has found a governess position in Ireland, it startles Jane due to the distance and she cries, confessing her love to him and that is why she doesn’t want to leave. Rochester then proclaims his love for her and Jane has a hard time believing it because she’s not used to having people fall in love with her, and she had been convinced for months that he was going to marry Blanche Ingram. So the sudden confession takes her by surprise and not only startles her, but confuses her as well. A storm comes that night and splits a chestnut tree in half, JUST LIKE THEIR FUTURE MARRIAGE WHOOPS SPOILER.
Chapter 24 Summary
Jane still hasn’t fully accepted that she’s marrying Rochester. She feels like it’s all a dream and I think again that’s because she’s not used to things working in her favor. When Rochester tries to give her some expensive gifts she refuses because it’s her feminist ideals, she wants to be on equal footing with Rochester instead of his just his wife who sits at home all day and such. Jane tells Rochester she will not be part of his harem. She’s not very sexual it seems like Rochester is, so she wants to have all the innocent parts of marriage. She loves God and all that so I believe the prophetic part of that is that she is going to become a nun or something in the end. Lame. Have some fun girl. She writes her uncle about her upcoming marriage because she hopes that if he writes her as his heir she will get a lot of inheritance and then she will be on more equal footing in the marriage with Rochester because she too will be wealthy and can take care of herself.
Chapter 25 Summary
The weather night is windy and uncertain just like Jane’s feelings for the wedding. She had dreams that foreshadowed stuff, every time she had dreamt of a child something had had happened, and this time she had two dreams of children. It might foreshadow something bad happening to their relationship in the future. A person comes to Jane’s room at night, she looks crazy and ragged, it might have been Grace Poole according to Mr. Rochester. She was tall, thick, and had black hair going down to the middle of her back. She tore Jane’s wedding veil was ripped in half which signifies the splitting of their marriage before one year and one day. Jane was terrified of the ‘visit’. Rochester gives her a weak explanation but Jane doesn’t believe it.
Chapter 26 Summary
It’s the morning of the wedding, Rochester is Very, very impatient. Like geez man enjoy it. You’re marrying an 18 year old and living the pedophile dream that every 1800’s romance novel brings. Slow down. He literally stands there for 10 minutes in silence when Bertha is mentioned at the alter just for effect, the byronic hero thing and all. Rochester brings everyone back to Thornfield to show everyone that his original wife is alive and that she is mad. When Jane sees Bertha and how crazy she is and realizes that Rochester lied to her she just seems kind of….numb to it? She’s too calm but she doesn’t feel like she wants to cry about it. After this Jane is not very fond of him that’s for sure. She wants to avoid him at all costs actually.
Chapter 27 Summary
Rochester asks Jane to be his mistress and it’s tempting but she feels as though she would just be used. She doesn’t take him up on his proposal to be his mistress. Jane shows she is stronger than Rochester because although she loves him she knows she would just be used and tells him she is leaving. Jane dreams that night of the Red Room and and hears a guiding echo. It echoes her mother, which is bizarre because her mother is dead and she hasn’t been able to remember her. Jane leaves that night and is worried she isn’t doing the right thing but continues anyway. Why does she doubt herself? 0 Because she loves Rochester! She’s leaving the only man to ever love her, she knows it’s right but her lonely mind wants her to stay. But she doesn’t and leaves.
Chapter 28 ; 29 Summaries
She is dropped off at White Cross (Four pillars). She’s very lost and she sleeps under a crag. Nature seems okay now. God is her emotional support right now and is her love
– Some bird motifs: She’s a bird “With two broken wings”
She sees a light and follows it, sees a house. Jane looks in the window and sees Mary and Diana. Hannah doesn’t let her come in at first but eventually St. John (Pronounced Singin) lets her in. Diana, Mary, Hannah and St. John are all in the house because the father died and they need to close the house. St. John is very Old Testemant “All men must die!”. St. John is very handsoommeee oh hot dammmnnnnnnnnnnnn. While Jane is sleeping they all talk about how ugly she is like wow wtf nice guys. They call her old and she’s like “DUDE I’M 19.” Gives them a false name: “Jane Elliot”. St. John gives her a job at an orphanage school. Jane also calls Hannah out on being a jerk
0 Why is she doing this? She’s a governess, she can talk any way she wants to a servant. She’s being ruuuudddeeee man.
– Foreshadowing: Uncle dies and leaves the family nothing, Jane has an uncle, money, death. WAKE UP AMERICA.
Chapter 30-33
St. John is cold to her but not mean. Jane hates the school girls at first but soon grows to love them. She thinks St. John and Rosamind are in love, mentions that they should get married
0 St. John says that it’s his call to be a missionary
Jane receives a book, and reads it.
Chapter 33 comes along and St. John tells Jane her own story in a very aggressive way. It’s a freaky encounnntteerrr, he tells her story in 3rd person. He mentions Rochester and Jane asks how he is and he dismisses it and continues (Jane is STILL in love with Rochester)
He’s being deceptive and not telling her. Jane asks him how he knows all this information. St. John reveals that when he tore off the paper edge it had her full name on it and that’s how he knew who she was. The family is split, turns out Jane’s Uncle John left her ALL of his money and wealth (SHE’S FREAKING LOADED MAN) She has inherited 20,000 pounds! That’s like…half a million dollars in today’s world. Jane isn’t too happy, like…..she’s happy but not jumping in joy. BUT SHE FLIPS OUT IN HAPPINESS AT DISCOVERING HER COUSINS AND FAMILY WHOO. She gives each cousin 5,000 pounds~ How nice~ (Coming of aagggeee)) There’s a huge snow storm in this chapter.
– Fire and Ice:
0 Ice: St. John, Fire: Jane of course
Chapter 34 Summary
Jane gets the house ready for Christmas. On Pg. 429, it states that Ms. Oliver is engaged, St. John isn’t staying for Christmas, he’s being frigid (ICEE) He asks her: “Will you study Hindustani?”
– St. John wants her to learn Hindustani because he is going to India on a missionary trip
– Kiss Icy: Diana and Mary are all like “St. John kiss your cousin goodniigghhttt!” And he’s like “Uuugghhhhh fine.” So he does and it’s awkward as fuuuck.
HE THEN ASKS HER TO BE HIS WIFE SO SHE CAN GO ON THIS MISSIONARY TRIP????And she’s like “Ew no wtf.” St. John says: “You are formed for labor, not love.” Wow. Freaking classy. Jane Writes Mrs. Fairfax, 10 months- 1 year later. St. John peer pressures her into saying “Yes” but Jane states she will go only as his cousin. St. John is like “NOO THAT WON’T DO. WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK? I HAVE TO MATE”. He’s been stalking her???? Can we kill him? He’s freaking creepy? She tells Diana and Mary about this and they’re like “Oooh~” And she’s like “NO I’ll die if I go help me.” St. John pouts and doesn’t talk to her but instead says she’ll burn in hell as he reads the book of Revelations, peer pressure.
0 Hell/fire it’s weird man.
0 Back to Abuse like with Master John
– She’s mature about it though like uggghhh Jane go back to Rochester at least you’ll live happily there!
Chapter 35 Summary
St. John demands she makes a decision in 24 hours. Jane hears a voice calling for her 3 times, it’s Rochester’s voice. She leaves! YEAH. LEAVE THAT CREEPY COUSIN BEHIND.
Chapter 36 Summary
ShE GOES BACK TO THORNFIELD THANK GOD. Jane arrives back at Thornfield and it’s just like her dream~ She has a good feeling about going in but soon sees there was a fire. Jane sees a man and asks what happens. The man says he’s the “Late Mr. Rochester’s butler”. She thinks Rochester is dead but it’s just Edward’s dad, the actual Mr. Rochester, so it’s cool. Jane milks this man for information, and says how this girl bewitched Rochester and left him alone, and he was very sad, and basically he fired everybody because he was so depressed without her.
0 Bertha set the place on fire, of course.
0 Rochester is a hero and saves everyone, and actually GOES BACK TO SAVE BERTHA. Good boy~ Bertha just….commits suicide? She jumps to her death???? Alrighty then…Jane asks where he is but OH NO THE STORY ISN’T DONE YET. Mr. Rochester was injured, his right eye was missing when he was pulled out of the rubble, he’s now blind and he had to have his hand amputated. Geeezzuussss….Now Jane wants to go and see him, so she heads to Ferndean because that’s where Mr. Rochester is living now.
Chapter 37 Part 1 Summary
Jane arrives at Ferndean after almost getting lost. She sees Rochester and after he goes inside follows him and talks to Mary and John. Jane then puts together a tray with a candle and a glass of water on it
0 Symbolic? The candles are fire, Rochester is symbolized by fire
0 Water? It’s a sign of new life, it’s a sign that something good is going to happen
She is not afraid of his blindness. Pilot (Rochester’s dog) recognizes her first. Rochester gets a little frustrated trying to figure out who it is. Now Rochester is a CHANGED MAN. He has had a religious epiphany. He tries to reach for her with his hand. Jane takes his hand in both hers like “omg come here bby”. Rochester basically then feels her up to make sure she is “real”. Jane tells him that she is an independent woman now, her uncle John has died and left her five thousand pounds
0 She doesn’t need him anymore, but she wants him
Chapter 37 Summary Part 2
“I will be your neighbor, your nurse, your house keeper, I find you lonely, I will be your companion, to walk with you, feed you, to be your eyes and hands. Good master you shall not be left desolate.” – Jane Eyre. Rochester is like “OOOOoooh you cannot be with an ugly, mutilated, blind man like meeee!” And Jane is like “Omfg I WANT YOU JUST ACCEPT MY LOVE” but in a more Victorian and loving way of course. Rochester has little bit of vision in his right eye, he can see the glow of a fire (Another fire reference ya’ll symbolismmm~~) Jane asks if he takes supper and Rochester says he never does, to which Jane replies: “Well you will have supper tonight, for I am hungry” (HAH. SEX REFERENCE. No really, this is Victorian “dirty talk”. She is hungry. FOR HIM.) Jane then tells him about her experiences at her cousins house and teases him about St. John. Rochester gets a little jealous and hurt and is like “Well if he’s so attractive why don’t you go marry him?” And Jane is like “Because he’s a stiff-dick that’s why. I like you better.” And St. John loves Rosamind anyway. She goes on saying how she loves him so yay~!
– Symbolism of Chesnut tree: “I am no better than the lightning struck chestnut tree in the Orchard field.” – Rochester says this man
Rochester proposes again when they go on a walk outside the next morning AND JANE ACCEPTS THIS TIME YAASSSSS
Chapter 38 Summary/END
Chapter 38 comes along and Jane starts by basically saying “Reader, I married him.” So they’re married and they have been for 10 years and it’s all good now! 😀 Rochester admits his guilt and his sorrow for wanting to commit bigamy, he apologizes to Jane and tells her of his religious epiphany. He also tells her about how one night he was calling her name in sorrow
Jane explains how eventually Rochester’s site came back and he was able to see his first born son, Adele went to a boarding school, she hated it, so they moved her to another boarding school. Mary and Diane get happily married yaaaayyy~
– Rochester “You seem to have a glittering ornament around your neck”
St. John is in India and close to death lol the creep.

AND THAT’S THE END. Hope this helped guys :

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