Jane Eyre – key quotes Flashcard Example #34649

“Reader I married him”
Jane asserts her independence once again, telling us not that He married her, but also her own independent free will, She married him.
“I don’t think, sir, you have a right to command me.”
Society & class-
Jane shuts down Rochester’s claim that he is more superior because of his age.

She is standing up for herself despite him being her boss.

His claim reveals that having an education was highly esteemed then and depending on your education- was one of the aspects that put you in a specific class.

“…you are a dependent”
John Reed is telling Jane she is of no social class, is not loved, and has no family. This shows where Jane started from, then goes to marrying Rochester in Thornfield.
“I want this because it is of no use wanting anything better.”
This shows Jane’s bildungsroman and her desire for change in her life to move out of
She wanted to go where there was life and movement, growing from adolescence to maturity.
“I am no bird..I am a free human being with an independent will.”
This quote demonstrates Jane’s tendency to protest society’s pressure on women to fulfill their role as a domestic goddess.
“..I thought the swift-darting beam was a herald of some coming vision from another world.”
This is an example of a gothic theme. In this scene, Jane is in the Red Room in her old house. Jane is convinced the light is a manifestation of Mr Reed, whom is deceased.

The Red Room haunts her continuously as she has the ghostly image in her head.

The noun ‘herald’ foreshadows and signifys that something bad is about to happen. (Being sent to lowed school)

“Take her away to the red room, and lock her in there.”
This relates to the theme of being trapped. Jane learns to make her own decisions and become independent- especially when she decides to leave Rochester.

Also, the imagery of red is seen throughout the novel and is associated with passion and fire. Jane’s passion with independence and Rochester.

“I resisted all the way: a new thing for me”
For the first time Jane is asserting her rights, and this action leads her being sent to Lowood.

Resisted against John and society’s norm. It is very unusual for a lady to go against a man’s wishes.

“Farwell for ever!”
This shows Jane’s independence and the moral decision she had to make to stay with a married man and live in the life of sin or to leave and be guilt free.

She chose the path that makes her morally correct and chose the right decision for her.

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