Jane Eyre Multiple Choice Flashcard Example #98059

What elements of Jane Eyre are said to be biographical
illness at school, working as a teacher, working as a governess
in the preface of Jane Eyre, Bronte issues what important remark to her readers
conventionality is not morality
before impactful moments in her life, Jane has a tendency to be what?
what is Jane doing the first time we are introduced to her in the text
reading a book about birds
what does jane experience in the red room in her youth
her uncles ghost
what is the underlying conflict between Jane and the reeds
Jane’s father was poor
what branch/sect of christianity does Brocklehurst supposedly belong to
what two characters are pedagogically set in direct opposition of one another at lowood
Miss Temple and Mr Brocklehurst
al of the following are examples of Jane’s young romantic tendencies except
(all are examples) reading her bird book, frequent painting/drawing, enjoying nature
what is Jane’s response to helen’s belief in turning the other cheek
she thinks people should stand up for themselves against wicked people
How does Brocklehurst try to destroy janes reputation at lowood
by telling everyone she’s a liar
What’s janes reaction to helen impending death
she questions religion
Although there are a number of reasons, what is the primary reason for jane leaving lowood
miss temple got married
the most frequently cited passage for feminists claims that women are just like me in that
they need activity and stimulation
how does rochester talk to jane during their first conversation at thornfeild
cold and direct
Jane’s responses to Rochester are often
what is the first thing that rochester finds interesting in Jane
her paintings/artwork
in what ways is rochester a byronic hero
intelligent/sarcastic, emotional/ passionate, arrogant, self-destructive
why is Jane saving Rochester from the fire such a turning point in their relationship
they exchange some affection
what does Jane dislike in particular about Blanche Ingram
Her disdain towards Adele
What does Jane mean when she says she feels like Rochester is one of her kind
above the superficiality of others
what is symbolic about the game of charades for “bridewell”
rochester’s imprisonment, rochester’s impending marriage, rochester as religious/biblical figure
what is rochester’s true purpose in dressing up like the gypsy
test Jane’s love
what lietmotif/symbol is generally present during gothic moments of the novel
What does thornfeild and the 3rd floor sybolize for rochester
the burden of his mistake, his future, his family, and of tradition
what does mrs reed reveal on her deathbed that seems to be the central reason she disliked jane
Mr.reed loved jane more than his own children
Where do georgiana and eliza fittingly end up in their lives
married and as a nun
the orchard where rochester finally proposes is alluded to what
in this portion of the novel, how does jane feel about rochester
he’s home, the eucharist, and adam
aside from rochester’s secret, why is their relationship doomed t fail at this point in the novel
she idolizes him religiously
why does Jane not want fancy dresses or jewelry upon their engagement
she doesn’t want anything to change, it makes her self conscious, to maintain conventions
who comes into Jane’s room in the middle of the night and tears up her veil
many feminist critics see bertha’s treatment as a representative of what
victorian gender roles/marriage
What is the intent of england characterizing india/africa as “other” from the perspective of Said’s post colonial theory
to point out their “superiority”
In the aftermath of finding out about rochester’s wife, what does jane discover for herself
what is the central reason jane can’t run off with Rochester to france
he would eventually think of her like the other mistresses
what characters in this novel are most representative of the bronte sisters. who does jane feel sisterly with
diana and mary rivers
what does the contrast between rochester and st.john represent in the novel
not vs hot, emotion vs reason, romantic vs victorian
why does St. John not marry rosamond oliver
he is attracted to her, he feels his love/lust in=s sinful, she would not make a good wife
where does Jane feel St. john sermon comes from within him
a place of disappointment
what in these chapters *with st.john is necessary for jane’s growth and eventual success with Rochester
gaining an inheritance, a family, and religion
what is jane’s justification for splitting the inheritance
it’s a matter of both feeling and reason
why does jane return to thornfeild
she hears rochester’s call
how does rochester get blinded
trying to save berth and the servants
throughout the text, the most frequent allusions of jane and rochester are to
adam and eve
whos words does the narrative end with
st. johns
in gothic literature, what is often used to represent the mind
what leitmotif is most often used ti represent Jane
by the end of the novel, we feel what about rochester
he is the worst, he changed and redeemed himself, he was always the best
According to the app generation, what effect can digital media have on people
a coarsening effect
in Virginia wolf’s a room of one’s own, the hypothetical of Judith Shakespear illustrates that
Women has very little, or not opportunity to express their genius
Her critique of the text is
bronte allows her personal feelings to overtake the creative vision
marge piercy’s belly good is about
what does the Duke mean when he says “I gave commands, the all smiles stopped together”
he killed her/ had her killed
why is it that he is the only one who looks at the painting
so that he’s the only can that can see her smile
a schoolboy of fourteen, large and stout for his age, spacious visage
John Reed
a black pillar, straight, narrow black-clad figure, the grim face at the top like a carved mask
tall, fair, and shapley: brown eyes, with a kind light in their irises, stately air and carriage
little elderly woman, a placid- tempered kind-natured woman
Mrs. Fairfax
all, long, graceful neck, a fine head of raven hair
Blanche Ingram
his age between 30 and 40, his complexion pale, comes from the west indies
Mr. Mason
very tall, very thin, wears a nun like ornament of a string of ebony beads and a crucifix
Eliza Reed
a plump damsel, fair as waxwork, with handsome features and ringleted yellow hair
Georgiana Reed
a woman, tall and large, with thick, tangled dark hair, a savage face, the lips were swelled and dark
bertha mason
young, tall splendor, his face riveted the eye, it was like a greek face, very pure in outline
St. John Rivers

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