Jane Eyre Questions Chapters 12-16 Flashcard Example #10206

What is Adele’s relation to Mr. Rochester?
She is his ward.
How does Jane first meet Mr. Rochester?
On the road from Hay, she meets a rider (who she later finds out is Mr. Rochester). She helps him return to his saddle after he and his horse go down on the ice.
What is unusual about Jane’s first meeting with Mr. Rochester?
Mr. Rochester does not tell Jane who he is.
Describe Mr. Rochester’s appearance.
He is a broad, square man. He is not tall. He has dark hair and a grim face. He is not handsome.
How does Mr. Rochester get a glimpse into Jane’s nature and personality?
He drills her with frank questions, which she answers with honesty and humor. She is obviously not to be outwitted by him. He also glimpses her wild, romantic inner nature through her paintings.
In what way does Jane captivate Mr. Rochester?
He is charmed by her honesty and wit. She keeps a cool head during his “interrogations,” giving him both sauciness and moral platitudes.
Why does Mr. Rochester bring up Adele when she is not his child?
This shows Mr. Rochester to be a compassionate man. Even though Adele’s mother scorned him, his treatment of them was not vindictive.
After Jane saves Mr. Rochester from the fire, how do we know they are falling in love?
Mr. Rochester is reluctant to let go of her hand and murmurs that she struck his heart with delight when they first met. Also, that Mr. Rochester has spent so many weeks at Thornfield shows he enjoys the house more than he ever has before
How does Jane respond to Grace Poole’s composure when questioned about the fire?
Jane is disturbed at Grace’s calm matter-of-fact account of Rochester’s “accident” since she is sure that Grace set the fire. She speculates that perhaps Grace and Mr. Rochester were once lovers but finds the idea ridiculous.
How does Jane react to her feelings of love for Mr. Rochester?
She frankly evaluates her plainness and social position, especially upon hearing about the beautiful Blanche Ingram, whom Mr. Rochester admires. She decides that she has overreacted to Mr. Rochester’s kindness and gratitude.

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