Jane Eyre Quiz One Flashcard Example #98822

Charlotte Bronte
Author of Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre
the protagonist
What is the color of the room Jane is locked in at Gateshead?
Who is the servant at Gateshead?
How does John Reed die?
Who suggests that Jane attend school?
Mr. Lloyd
Whose ghost does Jane believe she sees while at Gateshead?
Her uncle’s
What religious movement is Mr. Brocklehurst a part of?
What teacher takes Jane under her wing at Lowood?
Miss Temple
What student befriends Jane at Lowood?
Helen Burns
An outbreak of what disease spreads throughout Lowood?
What does Mr. Brocklehurst do with the money meant for Lowood school?
Indulge his own family
How does Jane meet Mr. Rochester?
He is on horseback
Who is Adele’s mother?
Celine Varens
Who is Jane’s rival for Mr. Rochester’s affections?
Miss Ingram
What is Jane’s position at Thornfield?
What is Grace Poole’s ostensible position at Thornfield?
What is the real reason for Grace Poole’s employment?
To guard Bertha Mason
What disguise does Mr. Rochester put on at one point?
To whom does Mr. Rochester constantly attribute the demonic laughter from the third story?
Grace Poole
Why did Mr. Rochester marry Bertha Mason?
For her wealth
Whom does Mr. Rochester first tell Jane that he wants to marry?
Miss Ingram
What did Mrs. Reed promise her dying husband?
To love Jane as one of her own children
Where did Jane’s uncle seek his fortune?
What item of Jane’s clothing does Bertha Mason rip one night?
Her wedding veil
What two natural elements are important symbols in the novel?
Fire and ice
What might Bertha Mason’s imprisonment symbolize in Victorian England?
The status of women in marriage

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