Jane Eyre Revision Notes Flashcard Example #81511

AO4 Biographical Context on Charlotte Bronte (Author)
– Bronte was an English novelist and poet.
– Bronte attended Cowan Bridge School which was used as the basis for Lowood School in the novel.
– Bronte spent time at Roe Head School as a governess.
– Whilst living in Belgium, Bronte fell in love with her married professor (teacher).
– Bronte rejected the use of sexuality to attract men and criticised women who resorted to this female characteristic as it showed a lack of self respect, a fate she deemed worse than death.
AO4 Historical Context
– The Industrial Revolution (18-19th Century) caused class structure to be more pronounced; opportunities opened up for women; a growth of science fiction lead to the questioning of God and his creations due to literary Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species’.
– Christianity in the Victorian Era (19th Century) lead to churches running universities (a platform for religion to remain highly influential); it was a time of great contradiction and hypocracy (which is later embodied by Mr Brocklehurst); the Bible was seen and used a moral guide.
AO4 Literary Context
– The Gothic: It creates feelings of gloom, mystery and suspense. Elements of The Gothic are death, religion, ghosts, haunting, imprisonment, isolation, vulnerable women, forbidden knowledge etc.
– The Romantic: Has the elements of nature, freedom of the spirit, emotion, power of the individual.
AO3 (Critical Readings)
Jane Eyre as a Character
Jane Eyre (Quotes)
Mr Rochester as a Character
Passionate ; honest
Mr Rochester (Quotes)
The Reed Family
The Reed Family (Quotes)
Bertha (Quotes)
St. John and Co.
St. John and Co. (Quotes)
Mr Brocklehurst
Mr Brocklehurst (Quotes)
The Gothic
‘Gytrash’ – A legendary black dog that used to haunt lonely roads, awaiting travellers and sometimes lead them astray.

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