Jane Eyre Study Guide Flashcard Example #81718

Jane Eyre
The protagonist and narrator of the novel. She is an intelligent, honest, plain-featured young girl forced to contend with oppression, inequality, and hardship.
Mrs. Reed
Jane’s cruel aunt, who raises her at Gateshead Hall until Jane is sent away to school at age ten.
Eliza Reed
Jane’s cousin and one of Mrs. Reed’s two daughters. Not as beautiful as her sister.
Georgiana Reed
Jane’s cousin and one of Mrs. Reed’s two daughters. She is beautiful.
John Reed
Jane’s cousin. Treats Jane with appalling cruelty during their childhood and later falls into a life of drinking and gambling.
Mr. Lloyd
The Reeds’ apothecary, who suggests that Jane be sent away to school.
Mr. Broklehurst
The cruel, hypocritical master of the Lowood School, he preaches a doctrine of privation, while stealing from the school to support his luxurious lifestyle.
Miss Temple
A kind teacher at Lowood, who treats Jane and Helen with respect and compassion.
Miss Scatcherd
Sour and vicious teacher at Lowood, she behaves with particular cruelty toward Helen.
Helen Burns
Jane’s close friend at the Lowood School.
Edward Rochester
Jane’s employer and the master of Thornfield, he is a wealthy, passionate man with a dark secret that provides much of the novel’s suspense.
Adele Varens
Jane’s pupil at Thornfield, she is a lively though somewhat spoiled child from France
Mrs. Fairfax
She is the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall.
Grace Poole
Bertha Mason’s keeper at Thornfield
Richard Mason
Bertha’s brother. During a visit to Thornfield, he is injured by his mad sister.
Blanche Ingram
A beautiful socialite who despises Jane and hopes to marry Rochester for his money.
St. John Rivers
Serves as Jane’s benefactor after she runs away from Thornfield, giving her food and shelter.
Mary Rivers
Jane’s cousin, the sister of St. John and Diana. Mary is a kind and intelligent young woman who is forced to work as a governess after her father loses his fortune.
Diana Rivers
Jane’s cousin, and the sister of St. John and Mary. She is a kind and intelligent person, and she urges Jane not to go to India with St. John.
Rosamond Oliver
She is the beautiful daughter of Mr. Oliver, Morton’s wealthiest inhabitant.
Mr. Briggs
John Eyre’s attorney, he helps Richard Mason prevent Jane’s wedding to Rochester when he learns of the existence of Bertha Mason, Rochester’s wife.
The Rivers’ elderly housekeeper who initially denies Jane access to Moor House.
The maid at Thornfield Hall, who assists Grace Poole often.
Uncle John
Jane’s uncle, who leaves her his vast fortune of 20,000 pounds.

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