Jane Eyre ( Themes ) Flashcard Example #32074

Jane worked and used charity for money

Inheritance from her uncle Mr.Eyre of mediera

Gains status from here

Shows money is key in this time period

Social status
Jane married for balance and companionship

Married for love

Blanche Ingram wanted Rochester for social status

Went against time period of marrying for class

Jane finds herself by realising she needs :
Independence of thought

Plain speaking


Identifying yourself
Bronte was horrified by treatment at public institutions and middle class

Highlighted at Lowood and the Reed family

Treatment of children
Very popular in the 18/19th century
Gothic Novel
As Jane is an orphan she goes throughout the novel finding temporary motherly figures

Miss temple
Miss Fairfax

Substitute mothers
Men were seen as

Brocklehurst , rochester and St. John all attempted to stop Janes search for equality

Gender relations
Helen burns , dedicated and doesn’t mind the idea of death because she will be out of her misery
Janes gullivars travel book

Doesn’t want to be a missionary wife to St. John or a mistress to Rochester

Search for freedom
Jane can’t find the right balance

When she finds love she lacks freedom (Rochester)

When she has freedom to an extent with St. John she doesn’t love him

Love vs freedom

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