Julius Caesar Act Summary Flashcard Example #71401

Act 1, Scene 1
1. Flavius and Marullus question commoners in the street.
Asks carpenter and cobbler why they aren’t working – they praise Caesar on his latest quest
2. Commoners chased back to their shops
3. Rips all decorations from Caesar’s statues
Act 1, Scene 2
1. Antony runs at the Lupercal race.
2. Caesar asks Antony to touch Calpurnia during the race to cure her infertility.
3. Soothsayer warns Caesar about the Ides of March.
4. Cassius approaches Brutus and shares stories about Caesars weaknesses
5. Brutus asks Casca what happened the day and he tells him that Antony offered Caesar the crown 3 times and he refused it. Caesar offered his throat to be cut and then fell in a fit of epilepsy.
Act 1, Scene 3
1. Great thunder and lightning storm
2. Cicero asks Casca why he is so scared and Casca reveals his dreams then Cicero leaves
3. Cassius comes in and tells Casca he stood at the window and opened his chest to the sky.
4. Casca tells Cassius that Caesar will become king the next day
5. Cassius persuades Casca to join the conspiracy
6. Cinna is looking for Casca to meet at Pompey’s theatre.
7. Casca sends Cinna to place letters at Brutus’s house.
Act 2, Scene 1
1. Brutus can’t sleep because he is troubled by what Cassius and Casca told him.
2. He wakes Lucius to light a candle in his office and let him know what the date is.
3. Lucius returns with one of Cassius’s letters and this makes him believe Rome thinks Caesar should be killed
4. There is a knock at the door – the people have their cloaks pulled over their faces.
5. The conspirators enter and greet Brutus – they take hands and agree on killing Caesar.
6. Cassius wants Cicero to join in the conspiracy and wants Antony to be killed too – Brutus says no.
7. Decius is sent to convince Caesar to leave the house
8. Metullus is sent to get Caius Ligarius
9. The men leave after deciding on a time to meet.
10. Portia begs Brutus to tell her what is bothering him and he said he will tell her.
11. Caius arrives at Brutus’s house, Brutus convinces him to follow him and they leave to meet the other conspirators.
Act 2, Scene 2
1. Caesar is worried – his wife cried in her sleep and said they are killing him.
2. Caesar sends a servant to the priests so they can predict his day.
3. Calpurnia comes to Caesar and begs him not to leave the house and persuades him with her dreams.
4. The servant comes back and tells Caesar the priests tell him to stay home
5. Calpurnia begs him and he agrees to stay home
6. Decius arrives at Caesar’s house and uses Calpurnia’s dream and the crowning of Caesar to persuade him to leave the house.
7. Brutus and the other conspirators arrive at Caesar’s house to accompany him to the Senate
Act 2, Scene 3
Artemidorus writes a letter to Caesar saying that he shouldn’t trust his friends.
Act 2, Scene 4
Portia sends Lucius to the Senate House to give Brutus a message from her.
Act 3, Scene 1
1. Caesar tells the soothsayer that the ides of March has arrived and he answers that it is not over.
2. Artemidorus wants to give Caesar his letter but Caesar doesn’t read it.
3. Popilius Lena wishes Cassius good luck with the conspiracy
4. Tribonius leads Antony away from Caesar
5. Metullus starts talking to Caesar and asks him to allow his brother to come back to Rome
6. The other conspirators all come to ask him the same thing
7. Caesar says no because his decisions are as constant as the sun and will not be changed.
8. Casca stabs first and the rest follow
9. Brutus stabs last – Caesar’s last words “et tu Brute”
10. All the conspirators bathe in Caesars blood.
11. Antony’s servant enters and asks if Antony may come so they can explain why they killed Caesar
12. Antony enters and begs them to kill him there next to Caesar – Brutus says no
13. Antony asks if he may speak during Caesar’s funeral – Brutus says yes but he may not say bad things about them
14. Once the conspirators leave Antony predicts the future over Caesars body and sends a servant to Octavius to warn him not to come.
Act 3, Scene 2
1. Citizens ask Brutus to explain why they killed Caesar
2. Brutus convinces the crowd that h killed Caesar because he was ambitious and wanted them to be slaves.
3. Antony starts to speak and lists the reasons Caesar was not ambitious – he tells them that Caesar left them money and land in his will.
4. The citizens mutiny against the conspirators
5. Octavius arrives in Rome and stays at Caesars house
Act 3, Scene 3
Citizens run through the city searching for the conspirators. They find Cinna the poet and kills him instead of Cinna the conspirator.
Act 4, Scene 1
Octavius, Antony and Lepidus mark the names of senators who should die – even Mark Antony’s nephew – so they can take the money these people inherit from Caesar
Act 4, Scene 2
Cassius meets Brutus at his camp and both their armies are ordered to move away from Brutus’s tent until they have finished talking.
Act 4, Scene 3
1. Cassius and Brutus fight about corruption and money but they make peace.
2. Brutus tells Cassius that Portia killed herself.
3. Titinius and Messala join Brutus and Cassius in planning their next battle move.
4. Everyone leaves, Brutus asks his servants to sleep inside and play him some music.
5. Ghost of Caesar approaches Brutus and says he will see him again
Act 5, Scene 1
1. The two armies approach Philippi and the generals meet to talk terms
2. Octavius and Antony tell Brutus and Cassius that they will fight them today – they agreed
3. Brutus and Cassius say farewell to each other for the last time before they go into battle
Act 5, Scene 2
Brutus orders Masalla to take a letter to Cassius to tell them that they must attack Octavius’s army
Act 5, Scene 3
1. Cassius’s men ran away to loot Octavius’s dead soldiers and now they are surrounded by Antony’s soldiers
2. Cassius sends Titinius to see if the people at the camp are friends or enemies and sends Pindarus to see what is happening on the battlefield.
3. Pindarus tells Cassius that Titinius is captured and Cassius tells Pindarus to kill him.
4. Pindarus takes the sword Cassius used to stab Caesar and killed Cassius
5. Cassius says “Caesar, you are avenged with the very sword that killed you” and dies.
6. Titinius sees Cassius is dead and kills himself with Cassius’s sword.
7. Brutus arrives and sees Cassius and Titinius is dead.
8. Brutus orders the armies to fight again
Act 5, Scene 4
1. Lucilius is captured and says he is Brutus – the soldier takes him to Antony.
2. Antony tells the soldier it is not Brutus but he is also a valuable prisoner.
3. He send the soldier to Octavius to find out if he has killed Brutus.
Act 5, Scene 5
1. Brutus and the rest of his friends rest at a rock
2. Brutus asks Clitus to kill him – he says no
3. Brutus asks Dardanius to kill him – he says no
4. Brutus asks Vilomnius to kill him – he says no
5. Brutus asks Strato to hold his sword and look away – Brutus runs into his sword and says: “Caesar, now your ghost can rest. I’m more eager to kill myself than I was to kill you.” then dies.
6. Octavius and Antony arrive where Brutus lies dead and Antony says he was a noble Roman.
7. Octavius says that Brutus will have a proper burial and they will celebrate that they won.

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