Julius Caesar Conspirators Flashcard Example #90702

the Soothsayer (predicts the future). He warns J.C. of the Ides of March (March 15th)
Calpurnia; she has a dream that J.C. was killed, so she warned him not to go to the Senate.
another soothsayer
No. The soothsayer writes him a letter with a warning, but the letter never makes it to him.
YES, he is one of the original conspirators who convinces Brutus to also participate.
Yes, he was the FIRST person to stab Caesar.
NO, he is J.C. bff.
Caesar, Antony, Calpurnia, the commoners
He is a conspirator of killing J.C. and he is the 1st one to crowd around.
He is a conspirator (at first he needed time to think about if he should kill JC or not). Loves ROME more than JC. He is the last one to stab JC.
YES, he lures/pulls Caesar to the capitol
fortune teller/predicts future events
She kind of knows/has a hunch about the plot to kill JC, but never conspires to kill him
No, she is JC’s wife.
He is a conspirator, who follows what everyone else does.
He is a conspirator, but the only one who doesn’t actually stab JC
Gave JC 3 letters (is a conspirator)
1. Cassius 2. Casca 3. Metellus Cimber 4. Brutus 5. Decius 6. Caius Ligarius 7. Trebonius 8. Cinna

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