Julius Caesar death list Flashcard Example #24038

1st Pompey
killed by Caesar in battle
2nd Marullus
killed on orders of Caesar
3rd Flavius
killed on orders of Caesar
4th Caesar
stabbed to death by conspirators
5th Cinna the poet
torn to pieces by citizens
6th Portia
swallowed hot coals
7th Cicero
killed by Antony
8th 70-100 senators
killed by Antony
9th Cassius’ soldier
killed by Cassius for running away
10th Cassius
technically killed by Pindarus; ran into a sword
11th Titinius
kills himself with the same sword that killed Cassius ; Caesar
12th Cato
dies fighting in battle
13th Brutus
technically killed by Strato; ran into a sword Strato was holding

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