Julius Caesar Funeral Speech Flashcard Example #1661

What does Brutus not provide in his speech?
Evidence or a Guarantee that Caesar would have been a threat
Explain the serpents egg metaphor brutus used
Shows that Caesar was capable of evil
Does anyone in the crowd question Brutus’ oversight?
No, they are too focused on the pathos appeal Brutus brings.
What is the state of mind of the crowd before Brutus speaks?
Stressed and Anxious
What is the state of mind of the crowd after Brutus speaks?
Enraged at Caesar, and supportive of Brutus’ actions
Why does Brutus phrase his statements rather than make blunt statements?
To distract the crowd and stir up the passion
What is the assumption made within Brutus’ first rhetorical question, “Had you rather Caesar were living…. to live all freemen?”
Caesar would have been a tyrant
What fallacies are in Brutus’ remaining rhetorical questions
Either or argument
What is the purpose of repeating “If any, speak, for him I have offended”
Single those out against Brutus
How does Brutus speak highly of Caesar and why?
Speaks of Caesars glories, victories- to show them he loved his as a person
What is an example of antithesis in Brutus’ Speech
“not that I loved caesar less, but rome more”
What is an example of anaphora in Brutus’ Speech
“Who is there…”
What is an example of parallelism in Brutus’ Speech
“would you rather “A” or be “B” “?
“As caesar loved me, I weep for him; as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it”
Does Antony successfully convince the crowd that Caesar was wronged? To what extent
Yes, to the extend that they buy into his arguments and decide to avenge Caesar
Why does Antony say,” I come to bury Caesar not praise him”
He makes the speech more grounded in reality and acceptable to the conspirators
How does Antony refer to Brutus and the other men?
What appeal does Antony make when he says Caesar was good but conspirators are honorable men
Does antony want to speak against the conspirators
why does antony use rhetorical questions rather than statements
to get the audience to draw the conclusion that brutus in not honorable
What is the purpose of Antonys pause
So the audience can speak
What words does Antony repeat in lines 118-124 and why
“do.. wrong”.. to point out the wrongs with caesar and brutus
Who does Antony suggest would rather wrong, why does he say this
He says he would rather wrong the dead, himself and the crowd to show his loyalty to caesar and brutus
Why does Antony say he will not read Caesars will
To use reverse psychology to get the crowd to “force” him into answering
What persuasive appeal is now most in evidence
Antony has the crowd gather around Caesar because..?
To show the brutality of the conspirators and give emotional appeal while he reads the will
What does Antony remember about Caesars mantle, why would he bring it up
First time Caesar wore it was when he beat the Nervii, reminds them of Caesars action of Romes safety
What does Antony point out in 171-178, why does he mention names?
To give specific people blame
What adjective does he use for casca, why mention names?
what adjective does antony use for Brutus
Well beloved, to emphasize he betrayed
what burst caesars mighty heart
seeing brutus betray him
Who else is victimized by the death of caesar
what is the crowds reaction to antonys speech
the are moved and have a urge to mutiny
What does 208-210 lines antony says represent, why is this effective
the conspirators acted out of jealousy, this undermines Brutus’ argument
how does antony deprecate himself, what appeal is this
by saying he is inferior, pathos, ethos
What does antony compare caesars wounds too
Dumb Mouths
what does antony suggest would occur if he had the speaking abilities of Brutus
tell the crowd to mutiny
what does the crowd vow to do
mutiny and kill conspirators
as the crowd is about to leave, antony makes them stay and finally rattles off what caesar left in his will. what does caesar leave to the commoners
75 crachmas and his private property
what does the line “now let it work…” reveal
antony wants revenge

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