Julius Caesar movie Flashcard Example #12716

100 BC
Year Caesar was born
Was Caesar family wealthy
Caesars childhood
High ambitions, luxurious, beaten
Age at which Caesar first visited the roman forum
Age at which Caesar is when his dad died
Public speaking
The art that any aspiring young politician needed in Rome
Who kidnapped Caesar on his way to Greece
Urban poor
Who Caesar attempted to build his political power base with
Rome’s entertainment
What Caesar was made responsible for
Mixed with the people
Reason why ordinary people liked Caesar
Caesars favorite past tome
Supreme priest
The very important position that Caesar won just as his debts were beginning to mount
Crassus; Pompey
Two people Caesar allied himself with
His daughter Julia in marriage
What Caesar gave Pompey to seal the deal
Caesar is supported by the urban poor
Reason why Pompey and Crassus need Caesar
He used it for his personal ambition
What offended the roman public about Caesars consulship
Governor of Gaul
The position that Caesar was elected to after his consulship
What Caesar needed to get behind him in order to advance his political career
Helvetii (Gaul)
The territory Caesar conquers for Rome
Kill everything
How Romans usually dealt with rebellion
# of tribes Caesar absorbed into roman world
Caesar was the first roman to invade this island
8 years
Length of Caesars campaign in Gaul and Britain
His own image
Caesars military accounts were written by himself with the intent of promoting …
Refused, waged war against Rome
What Caesar did when the senate ordered him to abandon command of his legions
“The dye is cast”
The famous statement Caesar made upon crossing the rubicon with his army
Battle of Pharsalus
Where Caesar and Pompey met in battle
Winner of battle of Pharsalus
Country to which Pompey fled
Head of Pompey
The gift Caesar was given upon arrival to Egypt
Caesars new mistress
The people of Rome
Who Caesar claimed to represent
Respect ; fear
Reason for the roman senate appointing Caesar dictator for 10 years
Land he promised
What Caesar gave his veteran soldiers
Solar year of 365 days
A change Caesar made to roman calendar
Already married, Cleopatra is Egyptian
Why Romans viewed Caesars relationship with Cleopatra as unsavory
February 44BC
When Caesar was declared dictator for life
Republic had been suspended
Why aristocrats despised Caesar
Caesar acted like a king
Why Caesars allies became concerned with his rule
“Better to die once than constantly fear death”
Reason for Caesar not using body guards
# of times Caesar was stabbed
March 15, 44BC
(Ides of March)
Day of Caesars death
So people wouldn’t see him die
Why Caesar pulled his purple toga over his head

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