Julius Caesar review Flashcard Example #33079

Prior to arriving in Rome, what great victory has Caesar accomplished
He defeated Pompey
What two events does Cassius recount to remind Brutus that Caesar is a mere mortal
That he was drowning and had the falling down illness
In Act one, what does Brutus reveal to Cassius concerning his hears about Caesar
He thinks Caesar wants to be king
In Act one, what does Cassius reveal to Casca
The plot to murder Caesar
What is an awl used to make
a belt
In Act two, what role does Brutus take on after his private discussion with Cassius
He becomes the leader of the conspirators
Whom do the conspirators decide to leave out and why
Cicero, because Brutus thinks he is weak
In Act two, scene one, whom does Cassius suggest should be killed along with Caesar
What is Calpurnia, Caesar’s wife, dreaming will happen to Caesar
She dreams of Caesars murder
How does Decius interpret Calpurnia’s dream
That he would be given more authority
If you are exempt from death you are ______
What are Caesars last words
You too Brutus
How does the crowd react after Brutus speaks to them
They want to make him the new Caesar
How does the crowd change after Antony speaks
They want to kill the conspirators
Who takes Caesar’s body to be burned
The crowd…
What happens to Cinna, the poet
He is killed because they think he is a conspirator
What is tyranny
cruel or oppresive rule
In Act four, who have Octavius and Antony had put to death
70 to 100 senators
What concern does Antony have about Lepidus and why
Wonders if he should share power with him because he is weak
Where do Brutus and Cassius decide to go to meet Antony and Octavius
Whose birthday is on the day of the battle
What does Cassius use to commit suicide
The dagger that was used to kill Caesar
What does Antony call Brutus
This was the most noblest Roman of them all.
What does Titinius place on Cassius’ head
a laurel wreath

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