Julius Caesar Review Flashcard Example #75049

Who had the dream of Caesar getting killed?
By swallowing hot coals.
How does Portia die?
What statue does Caesar die at the bottom of?
Who said this “Let us be sacrificers, but not buthers,….”?
Who was the last to stab Caesar?
So they can wear their crime.
Why do the killers dip their hands in Caesars blood?
Who said, “cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”?
Its better than their enemies killing them.
What was the reason for Brutus and Cassius to kill themselves?
And you Brutus.
What does “Et tu, Brute” mean?
Husband and Wife.
What was the relationship between Brutus and Portia?
A dictator or King
What was Caesar about to become if he were not killed by the conspirators?
Who makes the first stab towards Caesar?
First was a carpenter and the second was a mender of bad soles and a surgeon to bad shoes.
What job was the first citizen and the second at the beginning of the story?
The capitol.
Where is the killing of Caesar going to take place?
March 15
When was the Ides of March?
He had epilepsy
Why did Caesar faint when being given the crown?
Mark Antony
Who did Brutus underestimate when he referred to this man as “Caesar’s limb?”
He is an honorable man.
What does Mark Antony keep repeating in his famous speech about Brutus?
Sleek headed, fat men.
What kind of men did Caesar ask to have among him?
“Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more”.
What was Brutus’s most famous line in his funeral speech?
I’ll see you at Philippi.
What did Caesar’s ghost tell Brutus the first time they met?
Who held the sword Brutus committed suicide on?
Who wrote a letter to Caesar warning him about his future death?
How many times was Caesar offered the crown?
High Priest and Senator
What tow political offices did Caesar hold before becoming emperor?
Feast of Lupercal
What was the religious festival held at the beginning of the play?
What was the name a poet shared with one of the conspirators?
A speech someone gives alone on stage.
What is a soliloquy?
The angry citizens of Rome.
Who killed Cinna the poet?
they were exiled.
What happened to Flavius and Marullus?
Caesar’s death
What did Calphurnia’s dream foreshadow?
Who said “Beware the Ides of March”?
Who said, “I have the same dagger for myself, when it shall please my country to need my death…” ?
Who was the first person to stab Caesar?
Who was the last person to stab Caesar?
Et Tu Brute?
What did Caesar say to Brutus when he was getting stabbed?
Who was the first to speak at Caesar’s funeral?
Caesar’s ghost
Who told Brutus that he will meet him at Philippi?
Who was Caesars wife?
He told his soldier to hold his sword and then Brutus ran into it.
What did Brutus do when they lost the Battle?
An Honorable man.
What did Antony repeatedly call Brutus in his speech?
He stabs himself.
What happens to Cassius?
William Shakespeare.
Who wrote Julius Caesar?
Who tricks Caesar into going to the senate building?
Mark Antony.
Who turns the citizens against Brutus and the conspirators?
Made up letters by Cassius.
What convinces Brutus to join the conspiracy?
He thinks he was too ambitious.
What is Brutus’s explanation for killing Caesar?
He thinks Brutus’s army has been destroyed.
Why does Cassius kill himself?

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