Kite Runner Ch.5 Flashcard Example #67118

Who is the kings Cousin?
Daoud Khan
What did the kings cousin do and why?
Ended king’s forty year reign with a blooders coup. The kings cousin did this to replace the constitutional monarchy with a republic.
What does Baba give Hassan for his birthday?
Plastic surgeon in order to fix cleft lip
How does Amir react to this present?
Disgust due to fact that doctor says will not hurt one bit, but Amir had circumcision a year prior, doctors gave exact line, and Amir felt great pain. Amir jealous of Hassan because he has Baba’s affections, although he could not help being born with cleft lip.
How does Hassan’s present turn out to be ironic?
That winter is the winter Hassan stops smiling
Who is Assef?
Son of one of Amir’s father’s friends Mahmood
What is Assef’s ancestry?
Born to a German mother and Afghan father
What is Assef known for?
Stainless-steel brass knuckles, great height, and savagery.
What is Assef’s political vision?
Inspired by Hitler and he wants Afghanistan to be land of Pashtuns
Who are Wali and Kamal?
Friends of Assef, also referred to as disciples
What happens b/w Assef/Wali/Kamal and Amir/Hassan?
Assef/Wali/Kamal saying mean things about Hazaras as well as Amir. Hassan takes out his slingshot and threatens to take Assef’s eye out.
What does Assef threaten?
Threatens to use his brass knuckles in order to fight Amir, because he is annoyed that Amir has a Hazara servant. Threatens that this is not the end for Amir and Hassan, and someday he will face Amir one on none.
What does Amir want to tell Assef about Hassan when Assef bullies them about being friends?
Wants to say Hassan is not his friend, but his servant.

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